20 Fun Slumber Party Games and Ideas [for Kids & Adults]

No matter the age or composition of a group, a slumber party is guaranteed to provide fun for those involved. In this article, we have provided you with some of the best slumber party game ideas to make your time together memorable. We have games for every age as well as some special adult slumber party games. Additionally, our article contains some hints and suggestions for having the best adult slumber party ever.

Slumber Party Games for Kids
Slumber parties provide a time for kids to get to know each other and create memories. Make them the most fun possible with our selection of games designed especially for keeping everyone awake and active. Offer small prizes for the winners, if you wish.
Skittle Scoring
Play this early in the evening so that the sugar will wear off and the kids will get some rest. Empty a large ball of skittles into a big bowl. Give each kid a cup and a straw. The goal is to suck up the skittles through the straw and put them into the cup, without touching them. The player with the most skittle at the end of a certain time, or when the bowl is empty, wins.
Crazy Chairs
Have the kids sit in a circle. Start the game by having an adult call out commands, then you can let the kids take turns doing so. As the commands are called out, the kids do what is said, often putting two or more kids in one seat. Hide some slips of paper as winners’ tickets under a few seats. When the game ends, the kids on the seats with the winners’ tickets get a prize. Try some of these commands and then create your own:

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If you had a birthday last month, move two seats to the right.
If you have a younger brother, move one seat to your right.
If you have an “E” in your first name, move to any seat you want.
If you have brown eyes, move two seats to your left.
If you like yogurt, move one seat to your left.
If your favorite color is red or pink, move one chair to your left.
If you are on the bottom of a stack of people, move three seats to the right.

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Hide and Go Seek
This classic game is great for slumber parties. Set the area for play and make some areas off limits, maybe the kitchen, as well as the master bedroom and bath. Play works best if you give the kids a chance to walk around the house before playing to scout out possible hiding places. Choose a starting place and have the one player being “It” count to fifty while the other players hide. The goal is to return to base without being found or tagged by “It.” The first player to do so is “It” for the next round.
Slumber Party Games for Girls

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Wacky Wardrobe
Fill a bag large trash bag with all kinds of silly clothes and accessories, such as an oversized jacket, a funny hat, clip-on earrings, sunglasses, lipstick, clunky jewelry, etc. Start some music and each time it stops, the girl holding the bag must reach in and put on whatever item she pulls out. This continues until everything is out of the bag. Don’t forget to take pictures of the girls to share later.
Sleeping Beauty
The girls take turns pretending they are sleeping for one minute. The other girls try to get her to open her eyes, smile, or laugh. However, they are not allowed to touch her. If the sleeping girl last the entire minute without any reaction, she gets a small prize. If not, she picks the next girl to play Sleeping Beauty.
Blindfolded Make-Over
Pair the girls up and have them take turns putting make-up on each other. However, the one doing the make-up is blindfolded, so she is not sure what she is using and how well she is doing. Provide plenty of washcloths or make-up remover pads for clean-up. Pull out the camera for this game.
Princess and the Pea
Have all of the girls put their pillows in a circle on the floor and send them out of the room. Hide the “pea” – a green golf ball – under one of the pillows. Then place other small items under the others, such as small toys, an inverted kitchen spoon, an apple or orange, etc. The girls come back into the room and sit on different pillows until they think they are on the one with the pea. Only one girl is allowed on each of the pillows at a time. The girl who guessed correctly is the next to hide the objects.
Slumber Party Games for Boys

Bubble Gum Balloon Relay Race
Before the slumber party, put a piece of wrapped bubble gum in balloons, one for each boy, and blow the balloons up. Divide the boys into two teams and have them line up on one side of the room with the pile of balloons across from them. Each boy must run to the pile, grab a balloon, pop it, and then unwrap the gum, chew, and blow a bubble. Then the boys run back, tagged the next team member, who repeats the task. The team that finishes first, with each team member blowing a bubble, wins.
Mitten Mania
Everyone loves Hershey kisses and this game provides a treat, that is if you can unwrap it. For a small group, time the participants with the fastest boy to unwrap their candy declared the winner. If your group is larger, this game works well as a team relay race. Provide the players with mittens. They must unwrap a Hershey kiss with mittens on – a nearly impossible feat. Frustration can be fun sometimes!
Flashlight Tag
Flashlight tag can be played either inside or outside. One person is It and has possession of the flashlight. While It counts to fifty, the other players find places to hide. Then It sets out with the flashlight. Anyone caught in the flashlight’s beam must go to Jail. The last person found becomes It for the next round. Make sure everyone knows the rules of the game before you begin playing.

The flashlight must be kept on all the time and not covered.
Hiders must remain in the area designated for play.
Whoever is It must call out the name of the person they spotlight.

Tug of War
A classic game of Tug of War is always fun. To create a slumber party version, have the participants use a thin blanket and tug away. Place lines on the floor with masking tape an equal distance behind where each team begins pulling. The first team to get all their members past the line wins the game.
Adult Slumber Party Games

Slumber parties are not just for kids. You may want to renew old friendships or get to know new friends better. An adult slumber party may be planned or be the result of being snowed in unexpectedly or a house full of relatives at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Whatever the occasion or reason, there are a few things to consider when hosting an adult slumber party.

Carefully prepare the guest list making sure everyone you invite gets along and the group as a whole will work.
Decide where everyone will sleep before the party, i.e. where will men, women, and couples sleep.
Prepare the bathrooms for guests with soaps, towels, and other necessities. Also, try to create a schedule so everyone can bathe, do make-up, etc.
Pick a place for your slumber party – your home, a hotel or condo, cabin or campground.
Create a menu and make sure you have plenty of snacks.

Our selection of fun slumber party games for adults include some for just women, some for just guys, and some that work well no matter what the composition of your group.
Commercial Break
Gather some everyday items and place them in a bag where players are unable to see them. Have each partygoer take turns reaching into the bag and pulling out an item without looking. The goal is to make a commercial with a completely new use for the item. You will be surprised at how funny and creative your friends can be. Some items you might include are:

A knife, fork, and/or spoon
A bandana
A hair clip
A small mirror
A paper clip
One sock
An empty pill bottle
A pair of glasses

You might wish to video some or all the commercials to watch or post on-line.
Toss an Animal
Have the adults stand in a circle. Toss a stuffed animal from one person to another as fast as possible. Anyone who misses or drops the stuffed animal is out of the game and sits down. The winner is the last guest standing.
Pillowcase Race
A variation on a potato sack race, this team game uses two old pillowcases. Divide your group into teams. The first person on each team hops with their legs in the pillowcase to the other end of the room and back. Then they pass the pillowcase to the next person on their team who repeats the course. The first team to finish the race wins a prize. A good prize is an extra special dessert or ice cream on their pie.
Pass the Orange
Another game played in a circle, this one involves passing an orange around the circle without using the hands. Whoever drops the orange is out of the game. Your guests will get very creative with some hilarious results as they attempt to pass the orange to the next person.
Burglar Alarm
Use an inexpensive kitchen timer for this silly but fun game. One person remains in the room while everyone else leaves. The person in the room sets the timer and hides it. The other players return to the room and attempt to find the timer before it goes off. Whoever finds it gets to hide it the next time. This game is fun if you start with a fairly long time and keep decreasing it, thus making the game more challenging.
Adult Slumber Party Games for Women

Purse Scavenger Hunt
Provide each player with a list of items one might have in their purse. Have each person check off the items on the list as they search through their own purse. The person with the most listed items wins the game. Following is a suggested list, although you may wish to modify it based upon the season of the year and where participants live. For example, in the winter, you might wish to add mittens or gloves and in the summer, sunscreen. A ticket to a local amusement park or other attraction also works well.

Bobby Pin/Hair Clip/Hair Ribbon
Breath Mint/Anti-Acid
Broken Jewelry
Calorie Counter
Candy Bar
Cell Phone/Flashlight
Cloth Handkerchief
Clothe to Clean Eye Glasses
Coin Purse
Contact Lens Case/Eyeglasses
Cough Drop
Dental Floss/Toothpaste/Toothbrush
Diaper/Diaper Wipes
Ear Plugs
Empty Gum or Candy Wrapper
Eye Drops
Eye Glasses
Fingernail File/Buffer
Fingernail Polish
Foreign Currency
Fruit Snacks
Grocery/Fuel/Fast Food Receipt
Lipstick/Lip Gloss
Lotion/Hand Sanitizer
Magnifying Glass
Measuring Tape
Membership Card
Needle and Thread
Pair of Earrings
Paperback Book
Paperclip/Safety Pin
Permanent Marker/Ink Pen
Photo of Husband/Grandchild/Children
Pocket Knife
Postage Stamp
Prescription Drug
Shopping List
Socks/Panty Hose
Someone Else’s Business Card
Something Blue (Green, Red, Etc.)
Store Coupon
Straight Pin/Safety Pin
Theater/Movie Stub
USB Flash Drive
Visitors Badge (School or Business)
Your Business Card

Variation: Only give a player a point if no one else has an item. Again, the player with the most points wins the game.
Three Purse Items
Have the players sit in a circle. Provide each player with a brown paper lunch sack and a pen and paper. Each player chooses three items from their purse without showing the other players and puts them in the paper bag. The tops of the bags are rolled tight. Pile the bags in the center of the circle. One person randomly chooses a paper bag, writes a number on it, and opens it revealing the contents. The players write down the number of the bag and the name of the person they think the items belong to. When all the numbered bags have been opened, the player with the most correct answers wins the game.
Adult Slumber Party Games for Men

Although guys do not generally look at a “slumber party” as a fun way to pass the time, they may, out of necessity, end up in a sleep over. Perhaps the occasion is an out-of-town wedding, or inclement weather makes it necessary to spend the night with other guys. Whatever the reason, an all-guy sleepover can end up being fun and memorable with a few games. Try the following,
Pillow Fight
A good, old-fashioned pillow fight is always fun. Add an element of surprise by wearing blindfolds. You can also set some special parameters, such as one must stay on beds (or sleeping bags/mats) while fighting. Another idea is to divide into two teams and if someone drops their pillow or violates a pre-determined condition, they are out. After a set period of time, the team with the most members remaining wins.
Pass It On
A variation of Hot Potato, the game is played in the dark with a pillow. Have the guys sit in a circle, play some music, and start passing the pillow. When the music stops, the person with the pillow is out. The last person remaining wins this game. A variation is to have the person with the pillow sing a song, tell a joke, or perform some other fun task.
Whatever the composition of your group or the reason for the sleepover, turn the experience into one to remember with one of the games listed in this article. Doing so will create fun photo ops, build relationships, and help you learn more about those with whom you play. Have fun!
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