9 Fun Ideas For Minute To Win It Games

Minute to Win It is a game show franchise that has versions all over the globe. The main objective for participants is to complete simple yet challenging mini games using objects that you’ll usually find around your home. Working against the clock, the high-pressure, high-stakes game show is incredibly popular among generations making it an easy source of inspiration for people throwing parties.

If you’re planning on hosting your own Minute to Win It style get-together, then you need be be prepared. Try to incorporate these fun ideas from the show to give your players some good, clean fun with stuff that you might already have lying around at home.
Card Ninja

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Cut up fruit and a deck of cards – one odd combination for some seriously good fun. The Card Ninja play format is great for instances when you might have two teams battling it out. Set-up two stations side-by-side and let your teams have at it to see who wins the round.
What You Need:

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One whole watermelon cut into two halves
Two large bowls
A deck of cards
Two tall bar stools

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How to Play:

 Place the bowl on top of the bar stool.
 Position the cut watermelon half inside the bowl. Make sure your bowl is large enough to accommodate the watermelon, keeping the exposed (pink) side facing forward throughout the whole game.
Have two of these set ups placed side-by-side with at least 3 feet of distance between them.
Ask your players to stand 5 feet away from the set-up. For a more challenging experience, increase the distance between the players and the watermelon station.
Give each player a half deck of cards.
At the start of the minute, players should throw cards as they were shurikens or ninja blades. The objective is to get at least one card to jab into the watermelon flesh. The first player to achieve that wins the round.

Mad Dog
A fun Minute to Win It Game for adults and kids is Mad Dog. Two pairs (four players) battle it out neck and neck to reveal the top dog. Using basic household items including candy, this is one of many Halloween Minute to Win It Games you can prep for the spookiest day of the year.
What You Need:

Four wooden six-inch rulers
Eight boxes of Tic-Tac candies

How to Play:

Glue one box of Tic-Tacs to each ruler end. When finished, each ruler should have two Tic-Tac boxes securely stuck to either end.
In a game with two teams, ask two players from each team to step forward and represent their group. You should have two pairs of people to play.
Each member will bite down on the middle length of the ruler like a dog biting down on a toy bone, Tic-Tac boxes facing up.
The objective of the game is to get the candies out of the boxes by shaking them vigorously. Players can only move their head to do this. No jumping or bending is allowed.
Once the timer starts, the first player from each team will start to shake the candies out of the box. When the last candy falls out, it’s player two’s turn to start. The first pair to completely remove their candies from the boxes wins the round.

Junk in the Trunk
Junk in the Trunk is possibly one of the most entertaining games to watch from the sidelines. Putting players’ dancing moves to the test, the concept isn’t too different from Mad Dog’s. In terms of hilarity though, Junk in the Trunk definitely takes the cake.
What You Need:

Two empty tissue boxes
6-8 small pingpong ball
Two belts

How to Play:

Secure a tissue box to the belt, making sure it’s attached well enough that it won’t come away with vigorous shaking. The box should be positioned horizontally, and the opening should be facing outwardly.
Put the pingpong balls inside the box. If you want to increase the challenge, change the pingpong balls to heavier, smaller balls like marbles, or increase the number of balls.
Strap each belt to one of two opposing team members. The object of the game is to shake the box so that all the balls come out. Players can dance, jump, bend, and wiggle, but the box can’t be physically manipulated using the hands.
The first player to remove all the balls from the box by the end of the minute will be declared the winner of the round.


Pushing your frustration tolerance to the limit is Ka-Broom! This is one of the more challenging Minute to Win It games for kids and adults, making it a crowd favorite for when teams’ scores are tied. Ka-Broom calls for a load of patience and precision, and is definitely not for the hot-headed!
What You Need:

Three paper plates
Three marshmallows
A wide table
One broom
A cup or mug

How to Play:

Place all three paper plates along one side of the table, with at least half their width hanging off the edge.
Position each marshmallow along the far end of the paper plate, opposite the edge hanging from the end of the table.
The player should be standing at least 3 or 4 feet away from the table’s edge, depending on the length of the broomstick.
The broom should be held bristles down using the non-dominant hand. In the other hand, the player will hold the cup or mug.
The object of the game is to drop the broom handle so that it falls on the paper plate’s hanging side. The force should catapult the marshmallow into the air. Once in motion, the player should then aim to catch all marshmallows using the cup in their dominant hand.
The game master should reposition the plates and marshmallows with each attempt so that the player can continue trying even after all three plates have been tipped.
The player who catches the most marshmallows in 60 seconds wins.

Hang Nails
This Minute to Win It game is exactly as its title suggests. Testing concentration, balance, and precision, this game can be a real hair-raiser especially between competitive teams. What makes it even more impressive is that it uses just two household items, so it’s incredibly easy to set up.
What You Need:

Six 3 1/2” flat head nails
Thread (at least 1 meter long)

How to Play:

Tie the ends of the thread to two heavy, stable objects. Make sure that the length of the thread is free from obstructions. It should be tight enough that it doesn’t bow when weighted down. You can tie it to chairs, secure it against a wall, or any other solid object that won’t move around.
The objective of the game is to hang the nails by their head with the length of the shaft pointing downwards. All six nails should be hung by their heads along the length of the thread. If even a single nail falls, the player must start from the beginning. First one to hang all six nails or the player to hang the most nails at the end of 60 seconds wins.

Mouth to Mouth
We’ve all seen skilled waiters pulling a table cloth out from under a fully prepared dining table, and this Minute to Win It Game works pretty much the same way. Players get as many chances as they can have within the 60 second time frame because hey, it’s really not going to be easy!
What You Need:

Two glass bottles of the exact same shape, size, and weight
A dollar bill

How to Play:

Place one bottle upright on top of a table or flat surface. Position the dollar bill so that its center rests on the bottle’s mouth.
Then, balance the other bottle upside down on top of the upright bottle with the dollar between their mouths.
Players need to remove the dollar bill without disrupting the balance of the bottles. Game masters should reconstruct the set-up after each failed attempt. The player who manage to swipe the bill out from between the bottles without causing them to fall within 60 seconds takes the cake.

Mega Bubble

Here’s a unique challenge that can really turn into a hair-raiser, especially if you’re playing with two competitive teams. The objective of the game is simple, but with the delicate nature of bubbles, it’s sure to turn into a really frustrating challenge.
What You Need:

Hoola hoops (one for each team, the smaller the better)
Bubble soap and a bubble wand

How to Play:

Suspend the hoola hoop from a fixture. Make sure it’s steady in its place without risk of it falling. The hoop’s hole should be free of obstructions. Each team should have one suspended hoop to work with.
Players will stand 8 to 10 feet away from the hoop. At the start of the minute, players will blow bubbles using the bubble soap and wand.
Once the bubbles have been blown, players will work with one bubble and blow it from their standing point all the way to and through the hoop.
Players cannot fan the bubble. To get the bubble to the hoop, participants are allowed only to blow on it.
If a bubble pops before passing through the hoop, players are required to return to the starting point and repeat the process.
The first player to pass their bubble through the hoop within the 60 second limit wins the round.

This Blows
Here’s a fun Minute to Win it game for the classic competitive two-team play format. When the clock starts, players fight it out neck and neck to see who wins the battle for balloon blowing supremacy.
What You Need:

Balloons (1 for each player)
30-40 plastic cups
2 long tables

How to Play:

The cups should be lined up along the length of the table, at least 3 inches away from the far edge.
Players stand in front of the table with their balloon at the ready.
When the timer starts, players are to blow their balloon and use its air to push the cups off of the table.
Players are not allowed to move the cups in any other way, and will have to start from the beginning if they attempt to use any other method.
The first player to be able to push all 15-20 cups off of their side will be crowned the winner. To increase the difficulty, game masters have the option to increase the number of cups, or to decrease the size of the balloon being used.

Putting your players’ patience, precision, and balance to the test, this challenge is one of the best Minute to Win It games for adults and teens. The objective of the game is to create a small tower made of cans, but the challenge lies in the intricate format that these cans should be stacked.
What You Need:

15 empty soda cans per group
4 paper plates per group
A stable, flat table surface

How to Play:

Groups choose one player to represent their team. These designated players stand at their table with their cans and paper plates within reach.
When the timer begins, players are supposed to build a ‘candelier’ or a can chandelier on their table surface.
The candelier should follow the same blueprint. The base should be made up of one can and a paper plate on top of it. On the surface of the balancing paper plate, players stack 2 cans and another paper plate on top of them. The next level is made up of 3 cans and its paper plate on top. The fourth level built from 4 cans, and the last paper plate balancing on top of them. And finally, the fifth and last level should be composed of 5 cans.
The 15-can tower should remain standing for at least 10 seconds. If it falls before that, then the player must reconstruct from the beginning. The first player to complete his tower or to build the taller candelier at the end of 60 seconds wins.

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