AbyssRium: Tap Tap Fish Freshwater Update Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Freshwater Update information, including all Hidden Freshwater Fish.Updated 2018-09-27: Added a section regarding “maxing out” vitality.2018-09-24: An update has been release that fixes the vitality curve! It’s now possible to get all fish! Be careful though, vitality has a soft cap at AW as Coralite maxes at 5500 for now. You can only make about 180 fish. Get Nessie/etc before going nuts with duplicates!See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information on the Saltwater fish or anything else in the game.  You can also chat in my Discord server! Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides!I livestreamed the new features for those who want to take a peek!Be aware this is not an event; nothing is time-limited and not even currency is used. However, the update is still a slow rollout so it might take a few days to get your update. Here’s an album with images from the update if you don’t have it and want a peek. No word on whether the fall event will repeat, but the last fall event was on September 20th, so it might occur later.Please note my phone is dead and I’m unable to verify some of these details or experience things firsthand for a bit. As always feel free to send questions and corrections in the comments and I’ll get to them as I can. Thanks a lot to /u/farmerlesbian for the fantastic Reddit Thread on the update and everyone who’s shared info about the update! Support me on Patreon to help me keep making great guides! Paypal also accepted.
What’s New in the AbyssRium Freshwater UpdateThe Freshwater update is not an event but rather a whole new play mode. At level 1500 for Lonely Coralite (the Saltwater one) you’ll unlock the “little coralite”, the Freshwater coralite and get the option to “Switch Worlds” to the freshwater tank.The Freshwater tank starts from 0 vitality but nothing is lost; switch back to the Saltwater tank to see everything in your “old” world. They’re separate, you’re not really starting from zero.The Freshwater tank basically functions as a second game; there’s new skills, different coral, many, many new fish, and some new features in this update. Since it’s a separate mode I’ve put all the info in this mode into a separate page (the one you’re reading of course).Freshwater world works a bit differently as well; each fish adds 1 to a total vitality bonus instead of simply doubling it, so buying fish is less profitable.  However, Coral/Coralite multipliers increase by more than double and the vitality curve is extremely different in general. The game should be very fast compared to the normal game until around Y vitality.It’s unknown if any bonuses from the main game, such as Craters, affect Freshwater mode.The Puffin subscription does not prevent ads in Freshwater. Do not under any circumstances rent the puffin, it is terrible and should feel bad.Maximum VitalityFreshwater is unique in that, in it’s seemingly unfinished state, it has a hard cap on Coral and Coralite bonuses. In combination with Achievement vitality boosts being removed and Fish not giving a meaningful vitality multiplier, this means there is an effective cap on the most vitality (and thus fish) you can get.There’s plenty of Vitality to make one (or even 2) of every fish in the game, but there is not enough to say, make 150 Guppies then finish the rest of the requirements.The max levels are:Coralite: 5500Coral: 300Fish: Roughly 180VitalitY: Roughly AW vitalityThe safest thing to do is avoid making fish until the final hidden fish are unlocked. It should be safe to wait until you have 150 or so fish before stopping.Freshwater FishAll Hidden Fish (Freshwater)Please note the update just came out and has a massive number of fish, so they’re not all known yet. If you know an unlock I don’t, as always please let me know!Freshwater Hidden Fish are slightly more complicated, requiring a couple different conditions simultaneously. As usual, no event fish or saltwater fish count towards Freshwater fish unlocks.Snow Mosaic GuppyOwn 3 guppiesShare a photo of a guppy 3 timesNote, as with the Saltwater fish, you never have to actually post the images to count as a share. Cancel the draft immediately and it will count too.Neon TetraOwn 1 Bleeding Heart TetraTake 3 photos of a TetraWhite Dragon King Crown BettaOwn 1 Giant BettaShare a photo of a Betta 5 timesAmazon Dart FrogOwn 1 African BullfrogCast Blooming Coral 100 timesBanded Horned Tree FrogOwn 1 African BullfrogSave a photo of a frog 5 timesFlowerhorn CichlidOwn 3 CichlidDo nothing for an hourLeave the game on and open and your phone plugged in and don’t touch it for a bit over an hour, should unlock no problemEastern NewtOwn 2 SalamandersShare a photo of a Salamander 5 timesHimalayan NewtOwn 1 Eastern NewtOwn level 5 Blooming Coral skillAlbino Platinum DiscusOwn 1 Blue Diamond DiscusOwn 3 DiscusTake a photo of a Discus 5 timesAlligator Snapping TurtleOwn 1 Snapping TurtleCollect Achievement rewards (trophy menu) 20 timesBicolor CorydorasOwn 3 corydoras Play 3 times at midnight (UTC)This doesn’t work for some people, some suspect a later update changed it to midnight local time zone, so try that if it doesn’t workMessing with the clock doesn’t work, you’ll just get it in a few daysYou also have to play for at least 5 minutesGiant PiranhaOwn 1 San Francisco PiranhaCast Blessing of the Firefly 100 timesBlue Moon CrayfishLevel 200 Thin Leaf CoralCollect Achievement rewards 35 timesYabbyOwn Blue Moon CrayfishTake picture of Blue Moon Crayfish 5 TimesUse Blooming Coral 300 TimesThat’s 75 hours of waiting for ads if you watched an ad every 15 minutes…King SalmonOwn 1 Sockeye SalmonShare 5 Pictures of a SalmonPalm CockatooOwn 3 BirdsTake picture of Mute Swan 1 timeUse Blessing of the Flower 300 timesSuper Red ArowanaOwn 1 Silver ArowanaCollect rewards for Achievements 50 timesSri Lankan ArowanaOwn 1 Super Red ArowanaShare a photo of Arowana 5 timesDanube SturgeonOwn 1 Syr Darya SturgeonPlay 5 times at Midnight (UTC)Chinese PaddlefishOwn 1 Danube SturgeonUse Blessing of the Firefly 300 timesMekong Giant CatfishOwn 1 Shark CatfishLevel 5 Blessing of the Flower skillShare a photo of catfish 5 timesAlbino AlligatorBlooming Corallite lv10Own 1 Nile CrocodileUse Blooming Corallite 500 timesScrew whoever thought that was fun, or even acceptable. That’s basically “watch 500 ads”Alligator GarOwn 1 Longnose GarShare a photo of a Gar 5 timesHippoOwn 1 Alligator GarLevel 10 Blessing of the Flower skillNessieOwn 1 PirarucuSo basically, own all other fishOwn 120 fishNew Freshwater FishThe unlocks for all of these are listed ingame.GoldfishBlack GoldfishComet GoldfishRed Tuxedo GuppyNeonblue Tuxedo GuppySunset Micariff GuppyBuenos Aires TetraGolden TetraBleeding Heart TetraRed Doubletail BettaBig Ear Halfmoon BettaGiant BettaGreen SwordtailMontezuma SwordtailMarble SwordtailJapanese Tree FrogBoreal Digging FrogAsiatic ToadAfrican BullfrogBanana CichlidBlue Zebra CichlidWindow CichlidFreshwater JellyfishAxolotlKorean Crevice SalamanderBlue Diamond DiscusRed Turquoise DiscusGolden Checkerboard DiscusBlack-knobbed Map TurtlePig-nosed TurtleSnapping TurtleGold Stripe CorydorasBronze Longfin CorydorasRed-Bellied PiranhaBlack Spotted PiranhaSan Francisco PiranhaChum SalmonMasu SalmonSockeye SalmonCormorantPelicanMute SwanSilver ArowanaBlack ArowanaBeluga SturgeonSyr Darya SturgeonElectric CatfishShark CatfishChinese AlligatorFalse GharialNile CrocodileFlorida GarLongnose GarRocket GarPirarucuFun fact, this is most commonly known as the ArapaimaFreshwater Premium FishAs always, IAP fish are not required to unlock any other fish and should be considered entirely optional/unnecessary.Also note the vitality/fish cost reductions disappear into the ether pretty quickly; due to the exponential nature of the game, they’re basically cosmetic only not a significant gameplay boost.If the IAP fails (they often do) and charge without giving you the fish, immediately request a refund directly from Google Play/the App Store.Red Panda$10Only in the Freshwater tab10% vitality bonus (listed as 110%)30% lower vitality cost for new fish (possibly freshwater only?)Baby Hippo$10Only in the Saltwater tab10% vitality bonus (listed as 110%)30% lower vitality cost (possibly saltwater only?)Freshwater Gameplay FeaturesThe 10x Coralite BugNever upgrade your Coralite levels by 10x or 100x (even when there’s a lot to do). These permanently raise the price of the coralite more than they should without a fitting vitality bonus. At present you can permanently slow down your game by buying too many.The Y Vitality WallThe game gets extremely slow at certain points, usually Y or X, and very notably it continues being slow at AB. If you get the above 10x bug, it can slow as early as C (especially iOS users seem to have this problem).Unfortunately there is basically no actual gameplay in Freshwater. There is no way around the wall. There’s nothing you can do but watch the recharge skills ad, cast all 3 skills, upgrade the Coralite as much as you can, buy a fish if you can, and upgrade Coral if you like with whatever is left.You’ll have to repeat that process several hundreds of times to get the insane 500 skill casts anyway so it seems basically intentional, as incredibly boring and unfun as it is. When in doubt, stop playing and wait for the next event which is how I play, or hope they tweak the gameplay later (early responses from the PR person indicate they won’t be likely to do that however).Freshwater CoralsEven though freshwater coral doesn’t exactly exist IRL, there’s a new set of corals (most of which are real coral, just not stuff that lives in freshwater) for the Saltwater tank.Just like the Saltwater tank, each coral unlocks at set Little Coralite levels, unlocks new fish, adds (Freshwater) vitality per second, and adds to your maximum displayed fish count. Unlike the Saltwater coral, for some reason these max out at a mere 3,000 levels, so do not upgrade coral after Y vitality unless you’re getting the 25 coral levels daily mission.If you’re late game in the Saltwater tank, you may be tempted to largely ignore coral (intentionally or otherwise). Pink Dwarf SeaweedGreen Mushroom CoralGreen Hook SeaweedRound Trumpet CoralWhite Cotton SeaweedSmooth ShellsYellow PearlgrassLight Green Tall LotusYellow Umbrella CoralBlue Leaf CoralTurquoise Cloud CoralYellow Bell CoralThin Leaf CoralGreen Dinosaur Foot LotusYellow Plume CoralOrange Heart CoralGreen tall SeaweedFreshwater SkillsThe Little Coralite has separate (but extremely similar) skills to the Lonely Coralite.Blooming CoraliteUnlock: Little Coralite level 100Effect: “10 time per second 2x production per tap 40 seconds auto production” (I don’t know what this means exactly but it’s basically Volcanic Eruption)+5 times per second, + 0.5 per tap per levelCost: 150 gems+50 gems per levelThe least good one to upgrade, get it and a couple levels, but it’s not the bestBlessing of the FlowerUnlock: Little Coralite level 300Effect: Produces 1000 times per-tap vitality instantly+1000 per level up to 5+3000 per level from 6-1020,000 maxCost: 150 gems+50 gems per levelOne of the better ones to upgrade, and level 5 is required for a hidden fishBlessing of the FireflyUnlock: Little Coralite level 500Effect: Doubles total Vitality earned for 3 minutes+0.5 times vitality per level6x  max?Cost: 200 gems+100 gems per levelThe best to upgrade along with Blessing of the FlowerAlways cast this skill first before Flower to get the maximum bonusFreshwater ArtifactsFreshwater Artifacts work more like skills with a skill duration, but they cost pearls instead of gems. I don’t get how these work exactly yet since I’m without my phone.Breath of LifeEffect: Multiples total Vitality earned by 5x for 12 hoursThis is a one-off skill, not a permanent unlockDon’t buy this ever, it sucksCost: 500 pearlsDon’t.Singing SnailUnlock: Little Coralite level 500Effect: Produces 100 auto-taps of Vitality per minute permanently+200 per levelCost: 100 pearls+100 pearls per levelExpensive, but oddly the best upgrade of the setLotus of LifeUnlock: Little Coralite level 700Effect: Decreases skill cooldown by 10%Note: the lotus is bugged and currently does literally nothing +2% per levelCost: 100 pearls+100 pearls per levelNot worth it after the first levelFreshwater Daily MissionThe daily mission was updated (and applies to both tanks/worlds). You now earn 10 gems per task finished, but only 25 pearls for the full set. They finally reduced the tap/time played amounts like I wanted for…over a year!Tasks:Tap 2500 timesUpgrade coral 25 levelsNote Coral caps at 3000 in Freshwater, so don’t upgrade coral more than 25 levels a day after unlocking all CoralUse skills 5 timesTap 25 fish’s hearts/bubblesPlay for 20 minutesFreshwater AchievementsThe Freshwater World has it’s own set of achievements, so Coral/Coralite/Fish achievements will start from 0, since it’s basically it’s own game with some currency overlap with AbyssRium (Saltwater). There’s also a few new ones:Keep GoingUse Super Partner assistanceLevel 1: Use it 20 times, 15 GemsAmphibians Lover!Own AmphibiansLevel 1 5 Amphibians , 15 GemsReptilia Lover!Own ReptilesLevel 1 5 Reptiles, 15 GemsSuper PartnersYou can attach IAP fish (“Super Partners”) to the Little Coralite to get bonuses. Up to 3 can be attached at a time.Note the Platypus/Puffin do not work with this, and the Puffin also does not prevent ads in Freshwater.Double vitality from tapping fish’ heartsIncrease total vitality production 10%Reduces new fish price by 30%In addition to these bonuses, you can tap the fish’s icon in the Coralite tab to get a burst of vitality every X seconds, each fish has a different amount but longer waits scale identically to larger amounts, so it doesn’t really matter which you pick, other than slower ones mean less tapping.Addendum
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