Food Fantasy Guild Guide – How to Participate in and Create Guilds

Guilds in Food Fantasy are a bit confusing for early players since you can’t really see what they’re about before joining them, so here’s all the reasons to join a guild, what they do, and how to be a productive guild member!This is a subsection of SirTapTap’s complete Food Fantasy guide. View the main index page for complete information. Guild BasicsGuilds require Player Level 32 and cannot even be seen until then; it will be a main menu option, impossible to miss. For a quick video overview, watch…my quick video overview.Once you reach level 32 you can apply for guilds or create your own (most players should join one rather than creating). Note guilds are one of very few things that are server-tied in this game, so Light Kingdom players cannot join Gloriville guilds.Guilds are groups of players that work toward common goals and reap some rewards for their contribution. Guilds start with a max of 20 players each, earning 10 more slots per level, so it’s important for guilds to keep active or they will level slowly. Inactive players should consider joining more casual guilds, as active guilds will be harmed by players not doing their daily time (it only takes 10 minutes tops to contribute anyway).The Guild’s most exclusive features are the Guild Boss (and unlockable Guild Pet, which has stat bonuses in story missions) and the Guild Shop, which contains an exclusive skin and two sets of exclusive Food Soul shards. Without a guild you will not get those bonuses.You can chat in the guild lobby, but the guild chat system is very bad and it’s recommended to use a Discord or something else outside the game if communication is critical. Send DMs to guild mades if you want to be sure they read it, the guild chat’s backlog is brutally short and you cannot currently switch your default chat from Global to Guild.Guild Participation ChecklistGuild participation is very simple and should take under 10 minutes at the most, which is why active guilds will often boot players not making the effort. The daily things you should do in your guild:Play the game daily (players idle more than a day or two are usually kicked)Build 10 times daily (Gold)Optional: Build with Building Coupons earned from events, or gems if you like. But the 100k gold contribution is all most non-whale guilds will expectFight the Disaster BossFight the Guild Boss (Event tab in guild)Optional: Your guild might set an expected damage per guild boss and kick under-performersFeed the Guild Pet (if any)Guild Pet is unlocked by beating a Guild BossBefore the reset, check which Guild Missions have been completed and get all rewards. If any missions weren’t cleared, consider working toward that goal more tomorrow.Optional: Check the guild shop for daily items you wish to buy (Spaghetti shards, etc)Guild StoreThe Guild store is where you exchange Guild Money for items. The shop resets at irregular 14 hour intervals like the Showdown, meaning effectively two buying attempts per day. Guild Money should be saved for Spaghetti shards, the first unique item the shop has.The only particularly notable items in the store are these:Spaghetti Shards2 per reset300 Guild MoneyGuild level 5 to unlockSummoning Embers150 per reset10 GMLevel ? to unlockCanele Shards2 per reset1200 GMBasically unobtainableLevel 7? to unlockMy phone is dead but I’ll add the rest later.Guild MissionsAfter Guild Level 2 you’ll unlock Guild Missions. These are goals the whole guild contributes to (without having to try) and are reset with the daily reset.The guild as a whole gets a moderate boost of XP for each mission completed, and individual guildmates get rewards if the guild completes the mission. An even moderately active guild should have no trouble completing these daily.Here’s a list of the guild missions, they get harder each level (with slightly better rewards), but they’re always the same basic idea scaled to the count of players. All missions always give 20 Guild Money as well.ExplorationComplete X Exploration floorsSoul FruitsConstructBuild the guild X timesSummoning EmbersLove CookMake X dishesCooking Talent PointsDeliveranceComplete X deliveriesGoldHonorableWin X ShowdownsBeginner SeasoningLater upgraded to Intermediary SeasoningDemon CryptClear X Catacomb floorsTidepods Soul ReincarnatorsAir OpsComplete X AirshipsCooking Talent PointsGuild Boss StrategyPlease note you can cancel out of a guild boss fight if you’re going to wipe; pause the game immediately and pick “leave” and you can fight it again. This will help avoid underperforming especially if you bring the wrong team. The guild boss is intimidating but very strategic and not nearly as dependant on team strength as you might think; playing smartly, almost any player should be able to survive to (or past) the final fireball. Level/etc matters greatly for DPS, but should not significantly impact survivability.The biggest quirk with the guild boss is that defense is also unneeded; the guild boss does damage to your team based on your team’s HP added together and divided by 5; this means the defense stat is totally ignored, and the HP stat is a liability.If a unit has too high of HP they won’t be healed as quickly (healing is always absolute, not proportional) and the Fireballs may OHKO lower HP characters. Use Fallen Angels to smooth out HP values if necessary (it usually isn’t).Guild Boss Attack PatternDevouring BeastHP: 80 MillionThe Lion guild boss has a 100% predictable attack pattern:Claw, Claw, SlapClaw, Claw, SlapClaw, Claw, SlapRoarRepeatAlso, Fireballs at exact timingsClawClaw is a basic non-fractional damage to your tank (the highest HP unit in the front ‘row’). With two good healers this should be completely ignorable. Note you don’t need a defense unit for this boss; “tank” simply refers to who is targeted first by the AI.SlapSlap is potentially the most dangerous move, it deals a mere 20% damage to a random unit, and it can also stun or silence them. While totally random it can prevent you from healing during a critical moment (and even waste your energy meter if you cast then get silenced).If a Slap is about to cause you to wipe, pause the game, leave, and retry. Even with perfect strategy this can be an issue. Since you can know when Slap is coming if you count the claws, you can get a sense of when not to cast, but it might not be worth worrying about since you can cancel and retry anyway.RoarRoars deal 30% damage plus some lesser Damage Over Time (DOT) to the whole party and will be the primary annoyance in keeping everyone ready to survive fireballs. While you’re still learning the pattern, healing after a Roar is a safe play to make.FireballsFireballs are what’s most likely to KO your team unless your team composition is really bad or silence steals your win. Every once in a while the boss will nuke your team with massive percentage-based damage via the fireballs. Fireballs come at set intervals and are totally predictable.Cast your heals just before the timer hits these points, or with Tangyuan just after the times listed.Fireball Timers2:5770% damage1:4795% damage0:57*There’s a 30% damage Roar (not fireball) here just before the final fireball, be sure to heal AFTER it0:47This is the litmus test; this one does 99% damage and you will absolutely need either full HP or Tangyuan’s invincibility to survive itIf your team’s HP isn’t evened out enough, you may be OHKO even at full HPYou can also see the boss’ windup if that helps time your skills instead, but it’s quite brief if you’re not on 1x speed. Remember you can pause and leave to restart the fight if you mess up early, as long as your team isn’t wiped yet.The Guild Boss is immune to all status effects and is a single target, so most Crowd Control characters are unneeded (but as long as they do enough damage, they can be fine to bring anyway).Note the current strategy is only for the big lion boi. Future guild bosses may (likely, will) have different strategy and team requirements.Resetting the BossThere’s two ways to reset the Guild Boss to make sure you get the most out of your daily attempt.First if you can see that things aren’t going well before the match is over, you can simply pause and pick “leave”, then restart the fight right then and there.If the “You Lose” screen is already displaying with the “revive” prompt, you may force close the app and restart the game. You can try again as you reopen the game.Best Guild Boss TeamToso (Leader), Sanma, Mooncake, Miso Soup, TanguanBackup team: Black Tea, your best DPS (Strength/Magic unit), Milk, Miso Soup, MooncakeFallen Angels: Pure attack, potentially with some HP lines just to even out HP. HP should be as low and as equal between characters as possible due to the boss dealing percentage based damage.Here’s a video of the guild boss team in action (courtesy of Chack, an amazing guildmate of ours!), surviving the whole duration of the fight. Note he uses Sweet Tofu for better (but less predictable) healing, Tangyuan is not a hard requirement.Toso is here for good DPS, and she’s leader so the rest of the party gets their energy skills earlier and more frequently. Guild Boss does not buff itself so she’s not as critical as Disaster boss.Sanma and Mooncake are here to allow you to link Miso and Tanguan, so you can time your heals. Timing heals is critical to surviving fireballs, you’ll either want full HP before a fireball hits, or time a Tangyuan invincibility to completely negate it’s damage. These two units also deal great DPS in addition to unlocking the links.Miso Soup and Tangyuan are here to heal and the linked skills let you time your heals well so you’re not knocked out. It’s almost a rhythm game with this boss. Miso surprisingly does great damage as well. You can replace Tangyuan with Sweet Tofu or Milk if you don’t have her or if they heal considerably more damage. As long as you survive to the end you’re doing great.If using Tangyuan and Fallen Angels are limited, note she doesn’t actually require a Fallen Angel to do her job as long as her skill is linked; she’s there to block fireballs more than heal. Miso Soup does however need a 4 Attack FA, since he does a surprising amount of damage directly.Note there is no Defense unit included; defense does not work on this boss and higher HP makes it harder to survive.The Backup team is just composed of characters any player is guaranteed to have or get easily from free sources. Slot in any stronger characters as you please, just note the general 2 healer 3 DPS strategy with ideally 2 linked heals.DisasterDisaster isn’t really a unique thing to guilds, but I’ll list info for it here because it benefits guilds.Guilds are quietly ranked on Disaster Boss performance too, and members of the top 100 guilds in the server will get 100 GM daily, and the top 3 guilds get 200 GM. Make sure to get your Disaster boss runs in daily as well so everyone gets the bonus!You have 22 hours to get your one try of Disaster in; it expires 2 hours before the daily reset and is fought from the world map. There are gem-only bonuses that can boost your damage but they’re totally optional; make sure you claim the free revive if you’re not using any paid bonuses however.Best Disaster TeamToso (Leader), Sanma, Laba Congee, Miso Soup, Tom YumBackup team: Mooncake, Miso, Milk, Black Tea, Tom YumFallen Angels: 4 Defense on Tom Yum 4 Attack on everyone else.Buff: Attack Speed seems to be the strongest buff, if you want to pay crystals.Here’s footage of the current “best” team in action, surviving the whole duration of the fight. Note the 2* Toso and extremely good FAs, so don’t feel bad if you can’t quite meet that damage; it depends heavily on level/stars/team composition/FAs as always. Toso and Mooncake are here to clear the boss’s buffs (the buffs visually do not seem to go away, but my damage numbers seem to indicate Cake/Toso are still helping). Laba Congee is here because in addition to linking with Toso for one of the best linked heals in the game, she clears the debuffs on your party, allowing you to deal much improved damage. Strawberry Daifuku has weaker healing but the same debuff clear, if you happen to have her. Failing that, Sweet Tofu is an okay replacement, as is Tangyuan if you’re using Mooncake anyway.Toso is leader because her energy skill also raises energy for the rest of the party, meaning more and earlier energy skill spam. Failing this, your best damage dealer can be leader.Tom Yum is here because the Disaster boss does more damage the higher your team’s HP is, but Defense reduces it’s attacks (unlike Guild Boss, who ignores defense). Tom Yum has a narrow health pool and heals himself with his skills, so in concert with the two healers, he puts up an incredible defensive wall especially since he’s very easy to 5*.Sanma and Miso Soup are here just to deal huge single target DPS, plus Sanma helps Miso link and heal even more. Damage over Time seems to ignore Defense which is part of why Miso is surprisingly good.The Backup team is just composed of characters every player should have regardless of luck or IAPs, feel free to slot in people from the main team should you have them in the appropriate slot, or your best healers/attackers.  Guild PetAfter beating Guild Boss once, you unlock a Guild Pet, which can be seen in the Ancients tab. It’s a good reason to quickly defeat the Guild Boss. Guild Pets give passive bonuses to the whole guild, and are an extra source of Guild Money/Contribution points.EnergyDealing damage to the Guild Boss will give Energy for the Guild Pet based on the amount of damage dealt. Enough Energy will raise the Energy Level of the pet, raising it’s combat stats.It’s currently unclear what Combat Power actually does for Guild Pet, but it’s likely it will be relevant in a future update/event.Also once Guild Pet is unlocked, the Guild Boss’s HP works differently: it no longer resets once a week, but instead will refill only after it is reduced to zero, at which point it takes 24 hours to rest. Each time it rests, it will “level up” and have more HP, but the strategy and difficulty of the fight is still the same.FeedingUp to 20 times a day each guildmate can feed the guild pet to raise it’s Fullness meter and also earn GM and Contribution points. Raising the Fullness meter adds a small amount to the Guild Pet’s passive effect, 0.1% each level.It has 4 “favorite” dishes that rotate at random each day, one from each Cuisine type. Favorite dishes give four times the experience/contribution/Guild Money. The best dishes to use are sorted to the top in the interface.Guild Pet ListBeast DumplingObtain: Defeat Devouring BeastThe basic Guild Pet, it buffs Attack in Story/Hard mode quest stages.Creating a GuildCost: 200 crystalsCreating a guild comes with many responsibilities and basically no direct benefits other than being an early member and getting to boss people around. The great majority of players should join rather than creating their guild (at max level, a guild has 110 members, so 1 guild per 50-100 players is about right).If you do create your own guild you get to pick its name, icon (which you can change at any time), kick/add members that apply, and assign Vice Presidents which can kick and accept members on your behalf.It’s up to the guild master to determine how lenient to be with inactive members, but note that without active contributors it’s a very slow grind to level up your guild (which harms all your guild members too!) and you may even fail guild daily missions if your team is sufficiently lax.I’ll note again you get no actual direct rewards for being guild president, you still get the same guild money/etc as everyone else, so really think it over before deciding to make your own.SirTapTap’s GuildI have a guild myself, called SirTapTap with guild ID 1271, Gloriville Server.Due to guild size limitations and the amount of people applying we strictly reserve slots for people who are active in my Discord Server’s Food Fantasy channel.I list my guild rules here both so my guildmates have easy access to them, and as inspiration for potential guild rules you might want to enforce. Guilds of course vary in how strict they are about idle accounts/building/bosses, but note that inactive players harm the rest of the guild due to opportunity cost.Gluten Free stop poaching our members, you whale enough as it is.Guild RulesYou must be level 55 or greater, and in the Gloriville serverBuild w/ gold 10x daily, 200k damage to guild boss daily, fight the Disaster boss dailyJerk = kick3 days of no login/severe underperformance may result in a kick unless expected. Let a guild Vice President know if you’re going to be away/etcDiscord attendance is not required, but preferred. Discord has a reminder bot for daily tasks tooAddendumVideo Guides on Food Fantasy, from my YouTube channel.Food Fantasy Gameplay footage/livestreams, also from my YouTube.SirTapTap’s Discord Server, Food Fantasy channel. Chat with other players!Other Cuisine Recipe ListsGuide Index for all my video game and mobile game guides.Support my Patreon to help me keep making great guides!Complete Food Fantasy GuideNote this is just a subsection of the complete Food Fantasy Guide, see more info and other sections there.The post Food Fantasy Guild Guide – How to Participate in and Create Guilds appeared first on Sir TapTap.