Food Fantasy Restaurant & M Food Souls Guide

This is a Work in Progress of a complete Restaurant mode guide for Food Fantasy. It will have all you need to create and improve all recipes, choose which Food Souls to staff your restaurant with and more! For now it mostly focuses on the food souls and recipes.This is a subsection of my complete Food Fantasy guide. View the main index page for complete information.Restaurant Staff (Food Souls)M Food SoulsThe best Food Souls to use in the Restaurant are M Food Souls; the ones with White Borders. Those are Jello, Hawthorne Ball, Pudding, Skewer, Pancake, Popcorn, Sandwich, Strawberry Daifuku, Cheese (Unreleased) and Toast (Unreleased). M Food Souls come with extra Freshness meaning they can work for 3x longer than the average Food Soul in the shop, and they also come with at least 3 Restaurant Skills.M Food Souls are actually even rarer than URs and you’ll likely see few in your gachapon summonings; however, their shards can be obtained via the Tip Shop for 150 each (In the future you can spend 350 for Cheese, Strawberry Daifuku, and Toast shards). They’re very common and among the best rewards from the tip shop, so buy them eagerly. Most M Food Souls only need 3 stars to max out their restaurant skills, and require less shards than usual to fuse rather than summoning.R Food SoulsIn addition to the Ms, there are 3 R Food Souls designed for Restaurant work: Ume Ochazuke, Omurice, and Jiuniang. All three have 200 base Freshness and two Restaurant Skills (Ordering Expert and Work Out).They’re not the best, but they’re fantastic replacements for M Food Souls when your team is out of Freshness. Early on you’re likely to not have a full shop of M Food Souls anyway, and being Rares, these souls are very common in the gachapon.Shards for all three R Food Souls with cooking abilities can be obtained frequently and cheaply in the Tip Shop, upgrading them to 3 stars for skills is recommended and easy to do.Best CookBest cook in Food Fantasy is an easy category; it’s simply Jello and Hawthorne Ball.Jello reduces cooking time by a percentage (best for large batch sizes) . She’s easily the best to use in general.Hawthorne Ball increases batch size by up to 10 (best for small batch sizes) and display case size. It’s not an amazing buff to have, but you won’t have two Jellos so it’s still nice.Skewer is a solid cook if Jello and Hawthorne Ball are busy/refreshing. She increases customer inflow and display case size, but has less Freshness and her third skill is only for Supervisor. Popcorn is also an acceptable replacement cook.Best Waitstaff Note that in Food Fantasy Waitstaff serves from top to bottom; the top left waitstaff will always serve a meal unless they are exhausted or currently busy; put your best server at the top and the backups lower, to maximize the skills you want.Pudding is arguably the best waiter, though he’s actually better as a Supervisor if all you want is Fame. But if you’re not using him as Supervisor, he should be waiter.Strawberry Daifuku is an even better Pudding, adding customer inflow increases on top of his skills, but she requires 5 stars to unlock her final skill, which is more or less impossible until her shards are in the tip shop. Like Pudding, she’s best used as a Supervisor anyway.Pancake is the second best waiter due to the awesome Gain Fame skill, adding significant fame to every dish he serves.Popcorn increases your customer inflow and should be used if Pudding and Pancake are already busy.Sandwich increases your gold earning, which may be useless or critical depending on the player. Personally I view him has the least important waiter.Best SupervisorEasily the most confusing position, Supervisors don’t do anything directly, instead their skills (as long as they are marked as Supervisor skills!) apply to the whole restaurant, while most other skills only apply to the Food Soul themselves. Which Supervisor is best is also very situational.Skewer is the most multipurpose Supervisor, reducing Delivery Order time significantly, increasing customer inflow, and increasing the size of the display case as well. She is critical for delivery based events like Laba Congee’s.Skewer only reduces delivery time while Supervisor as well, so you’ll need to choose between delivery time (mostly only critical during events) and Fame.Pudding is the best Supervisor for Fame stacking; as Supervisor his eat-two-dishes and Gain Fame skills will apply to all your waiters instead of just himself. All the top Fame leaderboard players use Pudding.Strawberry Daifuku is an again even better Pudding, but she requires 5 stars to unlock her final skill, which is more or less impossible until her shards are in the tip shop.Pancake is recommended by some, though I personally disagree. He has the bonus of boosting both Fame and Gold for Gold-poor players, but Gold shouldn’t be a problem in a well-managed Restaurant and it seems likely that Pudding’s buff isn’t much worse for Gold (while being better for Fame) anyway.Best Way To Get FameEarning the most possible fame requires more or less constant restaurant watching and a lot of Soul Fruits/Drinks for your souls. If you’re shooting for the leaderboard it’s best to save up Freshness items then immediately start going for fame just after the Sunday reset so all your work counts in the same week (have food ready to go before the reset however!).The best foods for Fame are Butter Bread, Cold Tofu, and Pineapple Juice; each of these can have the highest Flavor stat in the game when maxed, which is part of the Fame calculation. Each cuisine starts with one of these, so just upgrade the one your local cuisine uses and don’t worry about the others.Eating time is also a factor of Fame earned, so a slower to eat food can make more fame per-dish, but due to the Gain Fame skill, we want to serve as many dishes as possible as well. But a high-flavor, slow-to-eat dish can be useful to leave out overnight so you don’t run out too early.If your food isn’t upgraded to the max, you’re not going to get the most fame. It’s best to use Seasoning on food with Flavor as the highest stat, as this will increase it’s flavor to the max. Aroma is also nice to have (but non-main stat increases are totally random) as it increases customer inflow slightly.Now with our fully maxed out high Flavor/Fame food, we need to staff our restaurant with To get the absolute most possible fame, you’ll want to leave all waiters but Pancake exhausted, so he serves everyone with his Fame buffUnlocking Cuisine & Best Cuisine To ChooseAt the start of the game you’ll choose from one of three types of cuisine: Sakurajima (Japanese), Light Kingdom (Chinese), or Gloriville (Western…kinda).The best cuisine to pick when starting is probably Light Kingdom; it really depends on play style but Gloriville players seem to have major gold problems that no one else has, and Light Kingdom has some great dishes (the huge batch sizes of Egg Cucumber Stir Fry and the great fame and gold earning abilities of Butter Bread).Once you develop all 30 recipes from your home cuisine to unlock the other two. It it takes at least Character Level 56 to unlock the final ingredients to complete the last few recipes.Unlocking the other cuisines isn’t as grand as you might think since you’re not actually very limited while restricted to a cuisine; Air Ship/Deliveries will only ever ask from your one cuisine. The only actual benefit beyond a feeling of completion is the ability to make the favorite foods for all Food Souls. Some players avoid unlocking the other cuisines to trade the ease of increasing fondness for less hassle in Air Ships etc.Food Fantasy Recipes ListThis info is already in my main guide, but since it’s relevant and popular information, I’ve included it all here as well.Unlocking Regional RecipesIn Food Fantasy there’s 3 regions, each with it’s own recipes. At first you’ll only be able to make the recipes from your home region (selected during the tutorial). Once you’ve completed all recipes in your region (which seems to more or less require beating the entire current story mode of Food Fantasy) you can make dishes from the other regions.Recipes always only require one item of each type to develop. See Ingredients below for where to find each ingredient the fastest.You might see recipes shared in chat or reviews ingame; these are less helpful than you’d hope, since they might be for a region you can’t access yet. Light Kingdom RecipesStir-Fried PotatoesPotatoBraised PorkPork BellyBraised EggplantEggplantSautéed LettuceLettuceCarrot BreadCarrotBreadCucumber Egg Stir-FryCucumberEggNote: Egg Stir-Fry can be prepared in extremely large batches which is great for setting up for AFKBlack Pepper BeefBeef TenderloinGreen PepperSautéed MushroomsShiitakeMushroomEgg Fried RiceEggRiceSalmon Fried RiceSalmonRiceOnionOnion Fried RiceRicePork LoinOnionBacon Fried RiceCarrotRiceBaconBraised OctopusGreen PepperOctopusRisottoCheeseRiceCreamButter BreadEggButterFlourEmerald RollCabbageSpinachCorn PieCornStarchToffee AppleStarchApplePineapple Fried RiceRicePineappleChicken SoupShiitakeWhole ChickenMango PuddingEggMilkMangoStrawberry Ice CreamCreamMilkStrawberryRed Bean PuddingMilkRed BeansKung Pao ChickenDiced ChickenPeanutPumpkin PieHoneyPumpkinRice FlourSweet Yam BunsEggFlourPurple YamSteamed CodTofuCodSteamed UnagiShiitakeEelGarlic LobsterRock LobsterCrab HotpotShiitakeTofuKing CrabSakurajima RecipesBaked PotatoPotatoGrilled Pork BellyPork BellyCucumber SaladCucumberBoiled LettuceLettuceMushroom YakiMushroomButterBeef TartareEggBeef TenderloinTamagoyakiCarrotEggShiitakeOmuriceEggRiceSalmon SashimiSalmonShogaykiPork LoinOnionBacon BitesBreadCheeseBaconCold TofuTofuGrilled CornCornCreamVegetable TempuraEggplantShiitakeFlourTakoyakiOctopusFlourCabbageCreamed SpinachCreamSpinachApples and CreamCreamAppleBaked PineapplePineappleHoneyChicken SkewerGreen PeppersDiced ChickenFried ChickenEggFlourWhole ChickenMango SmoothieCreamMangoStrawberry SmoothieCreamMilkStrawberryPeanut Butter CupMilkFlourPeanutCod FilletButterStarchCodPiglet DaikufuEggFlourRed BeansPumpkin MuffinHoneyRed BeansPumpkinYam DumplingsRice FlourPurple YamUnagi DonRiceEelLobster SashimiRock LobsterCrab SashimiKing CrabGloriville RecipesFrench FriesPotatoCrispy PorkPork BellySaladCucumberCarrotLettuceEggplant RollEggplantPotatoesSmoked SalmonSalmonRoast BeefBeef TenderloinCheese BreadBreadCheeseMushroom SoupShiitakeMushroomButterFried Rice CakeEggRicePork BurgerLettuceBreadPork LoinBacon Tofu WrapsBaconTofuGrilled CalamariGreen PepperOnionOctopusPopcornButterCornShortbreadFlourButterMilkMinestroneCabbageSpinachStarchPineapple JuicePineappleHoneyApples CrispFlourAppleChicken PizzaDiced ChickenCheeseFlourRoast ChickenWhole ChickenMango WrapCreamFlourMangoFruit SaladPineappleAppleMangoStrawberry MousseStrawberryCreamPeanut PieEggFlourPeanutPumpkin SoupMilkPumpkinHotteokMilkRed BeansRice FlourCheesy YamCheesePurple YamFried CodEggFlourCodFried UnagiEggFlourEelBaked LobsterCheeseRock LobsterCrab SaladLettuceKing CrabLost RecipesThese are locked behind Side Quests (tap the ? icon on the main menu next to Main Story Mission). Instead of developing them, they are immediately unlocked upon finishing a side quest, and must be unlocked in order.Their requirements must be completed after accepting the quests, so make sure to accept them right away. The side quest to unlock a dish may not appear until it’s completable (e.g. the level you have to clear is unlocked).Calamari SkewerMake 5 dishes of any kind (Research Tab)Garlic OystersMake 5 Calamari Skewer (Research Tab)Grilled PrawnsMake 8 dishes of any kind, after they’ve been upgraded to Rank CPickled Salmon HeadClear Parisel (Hard Mode) 1-1Hard mode is unlocked via other side questsTomato and EggsClear Secret Forest 1-3Steamed MushroomsSpaghettiComplete 2 Delivery orders in the Gloriville areaHar GowDevelop the menu 2 timesGold CakeFinish all daily MissionsThis includes the (initially unlisted) Showdown requirement, which needs Player Level 23Mixed GreensClear Parisel 4-2Stir-Fried MusselsServe 100 customers at restaurant Mushroom AlfredoCollect 15 Low Grade ScrewCha Sui BaoMake any 10 DishesSpinach NoodlesChallenge Parisel 6-2Mint PineappleCharacter level 34Complete 5 Light Kingdom delivery ordersApple SangriaLevel 36Turn in 10 SpinnachBraised LambLevel 38Go into battle with a Control Cooking TalentMushroom Chicken StewLevel 40Beat Spring Valley 9-2Matcha CakeLevel 41Defeat 20 Dine and Dash customersCappuccinoLevel 42?Collect 50 MintFruit TeaLevel 44?Finish today’s daily missionsLemon PieLevel 45?Meat ZongziLevel 47Clear Spring Valley 12-2Stuffed Lotus RootLevel 49Submit 20 Lemon Pie dishesLotus Root Stir-FryLevel 50Complete 10 deliveries in Nevras regionBlack Fungus Congee?Sanma ShioyakiSteamed Crab?Crab Rice Cake?Curry Crab?Seasoningwip How to cook your dishes: An explanation of dish stats and when seasoning is helpful from FoodFantasy AddendumVideo Guides on Food Fantasy, from my YouTube channel.Food Fantasy Gameplay footage/livestreams, also from my YouTube.SirTapTap’s Discord Server, Food Fantasy channel. 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