Grow Comeback Guide & Walkthrough

Grow  Comeback is the latest Grow game in the series by Eyezmaze, and since I didn’t find much info online when I first played it I made a tiny little guide for it! Grow Comeback is a double entendre; the game is about a literal comeback in-universe, but it’s also announcing the comeback of the Grow series via a crowdfunding campaign by On.Play the game here on the official site; it takes a minute to load, then scroll down a bit under the ad to get the game. It’s HTML5 not flash so it works on PC and mobile regardless of platform! Watch out for malicious rehosts of the game, play Grow games on Comeback EndingsClick the items to “use” them, the order in which they’re used affects the outcome. A specific order is required to “win” or see the endings.To keep things fun, spoilers are staggered, so you can see which item to use first/last to help use process of elimination to figure things out, rather than simply looking at the whole list and spoiling it all in one go. If you know the first item, there’s much less possible mistakes to make.Normal EndingItem 1DumbellItem 2HeartItem 3CrowdItem 4HairItem 5ArmorItem 6SwordSecret Ending 1Grow games usually have at least one secret ending. This one has two!AKA the Ending spoilerHairy or Afro EndingItem 1CrowdItem 2DumbellItem 3HairItem 4HeartItem 5ArmorItem 6SwordSecret Ending 2AKA the Ending spoilerMario EndingItem 1HairItem 2CrowdItem 3DumbellItem 4SwordItem 5ArmorItem 6HeartVideosMy Let’s Play with the first two endings: You can also see the Secret Ending here:CreditsThanks to users this reddit thread and Demonlord Lorence on my youtube for info on the secret endings!The post Grow Comeback Guide & Walkthrough appeared first on Sir TapTap.