Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Christmas Event 2018 Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Christmas Event (2018) information. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information. Feel free to add any of my guides to your homescreen for easy access, and offline loading of guides you’ve used (on supported devices)!
I streamed the Christmas event thursday!

It is a slow rollout and will take you a while to get. Despite literally every single update AbyssRium has ever done rolling out in the same (stupid) fashion I still get spammed every time it updates about this. Please don’t ask about it I can’t do anything. Thell their Facebook person. Yes the update locks the Halloween tank, see below for details. You have to watch ads to visit it now.

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The event has its own tank just like the Halloween Event, and likely requires the level ~300-400 or whatever coralite in the first tank to unlock (less than a day of effort).

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Halloween Tank Locked
Do not download the update if you have lots of work left to do in Halloween. 
The second you update, the Halloween event is locked and you must open it by watching an ad (30 minutes only) or paying pearls to temporarily unlock it. You can also effectively only open the tank less than once per day as there’s an over 24 hour cooldown timer after watching the ad.
Super uncool. You can’t even see your “old” event tanks without watching ads and waiting days which is dreadful.
New Event Style

The style is largely the same as 2018 Halloween’s. Your candy from other events does not carry over.. There is no per-tap vitality so don’t waste your time tapping beyond collecting candy. The basic loop is collect candy, use candy to upgrade the Crab to get more Vitality, use Vitality to buy event fish, event fish increase the candy you get allowing you to ultimately get more Vitality and so on.
Christmas Gift Train
Twice per day you get to watch an ad (yayyyy!) to get a small reward. Each set of 6 or so gifts you open unlocks a specific hidden fish in the christmas tank.
The gift has random rewards including:





30 minutes of White Christmas skill (allowing you to do some unlocks for free)


60 minutes of Santa Express


100 Gems


You can, but should not need to, open extra chests and watch extra ads for 30 pearls each. There is enough time to get all rewards from watching 2 “free” ads per day for the duration of the event. If you don’t have enough vitality to create a fish when you open the present that should unlock a Hidden Fish, you will not get the fish! Yes, it’s a massive trainwreck, yes it would have been easy to test and prevent, yes, it’s AbyssRium.
The fish you get from the gifts are:

6: Baby Penguin
12: Santa Lobster
18: Walrus
24: Elf Frog
30: Emperor Penguin
36: Rudolph Seahorse and Cookie
42: Polar Bear
50: Rudolph


Complete the tasks to unlock “coral”, cosmetic vitality producing items that also help unlock fish. The Quest requirements are in a section below.


Candy is now only used to upgrade the Hermit Crab, which now functions like the Coralite. Upgrading the crab with candy will produce more “Event Vitality” which is spent on Event fish. Vitality/candy do not transfer between seasonal events.

Collect 50 candy from bubbles to make the hermit crab dance, like before and it still earns candies in return; a lot more now, so prior stocked up candy is basically crap. It now sleeps for an hour after dancing, and can be reset by watching an ad.

There are additions to the crab that can be unlocked via the Quest and also upgraded in the same tab as the Crab. They’re basically Coral.


Fish are separated by tank meaning your old event fish cannot be put in the new event tank. New fish from this tank can be added back into the saltwater tank however.

Fish prices rise exponentially with each purchase, so don’t buy too many repeats that are unnecessary, focus on unlocking all fish first, then decide what you want duplicates of. Buying fish increases candy, so don’t just not buy fish either, they’re critical.

Magic Skills

This is where you upgrade the Crab skill, upgrade the train (permanent buff), or buy temporary buffs. It is likely the temporary buffs are tied to fish unlocks, so don’t buy them until it’s sure when and how they are needed.
If it’s anything like Halloween, upgrading the crab skill (Miracle of Christmas) to at least 10 will be required, and Quests will give you back more gems than you’re required to put in.

Miracle of Christmas


Increase Candy earned during Crab Dance by 0.5x per level (max 16x)
Costs 100 gems, increases by 50 gems per level 

White Christmas


Triples Vitality and Candy production x3 for 12 hours
Costs 100 pearls
One-time 30 minute trial  for watching an ad
Required to unlock some fish! Use the free one wisely.

Santa Express


Reduces vitality production time by 50% for 12 hours
Costs 100 pearls
One-time 30 minute trial  for watching an ad
Required to unlock some fish! Use the free one wisely.

Extension Train


Decreases vitality production time by 5% per level (50 max)
Costs 100 pearls, increasing another 10 per level (2000 pearls total)
Despite the name, does not give more gifts per level

Idle Vitality Is King

After 2 years of idle vitality not mattering at all, it’s actually best to let the full 3 hours of idle vitality accumulate in this tank. Unlike past tanks, it actually matters a lot, and Candy drops from tapping bubbles is increased drastically for the first ~20 seconds after claiming the idle vitality. 

You can get several Coral levels from tapping the boosted bubbles so check every 3 hours and don’t play too much “actively” because idle is so much more effective. Once the candy number drops (it will go a letter or two lower) you can go back to only tapping if you need to power up the crab.

There is no per-tap vitality, or any reason to tap anything but candy.
Corals are unfortunately still capped at level 9000, so there is a hard cap on vitality per second, and thus a soft cap on the amount of fish you can buy. If it’s the same scaling as Halloween, you can make around 250 fish.

Christmas  Event 2018 Stats

Start Date: 2018-12-13End Date: 2019-01-13**End dates are roughly estimated; events last around a month, but we’ve never told in advance when the end is because AbyssRium’s communication is terrible. It’s also unclear if the new event style even ends or not.

New Fish: 18Total Fish: 58IAP Fish: 1 new IAP fishTotal cost: No longer a relevant metric as candy does not carry over

General Event Info

Events slowly rollout (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. Expect it by the end of the week after it first starts rolling out.

We never know when the events end until less than a week before they do, they’re usually at least 4 weeks long though.

Currency from prior events will be preserved (but invisible) for later events, so feel free to save up.

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.

Hidden Fish

All fish start Hidden in this event except the Snowflake Angel. If you’re so new you don’t know what that means, start with the guide for the main game to learn how it works and unlock fish.
Note that some lock conditions are listed on the lock icon rather than with the other lock conditions, you need to meet all conditions and no popup will tell you when you unlock them since they are not hidden. Most fish have three unlock conditions this time and will not unlock before all three are met.

Christmas 2016 Event Fish

If you unlocked these fish from the earlier events (or luck shell), they’re already unlocked in the new tank. Otherwise, they have totally new (currently unknown) hidden unlocks.

Snowflake Angelfish 

Unlocked by default

Christmas Yellow Tang 


Snowflake Sea Slug 


Christmas Football Fish


Christmas Dumbo Octopus


Snowflake Dolphin 


Christmas Dolphin


Snowflake Whale

Baby Penguin

Open 6 Gifts


Open 18 Gifts

Emperor Penguin

Open 30 Gifts

Polar Bear

Open 42 Gifts

Christmas 2017 Event Fish
If you unlocked these fish from the earlier events (or luck shell), they’re already unlocked in the new tank. Otherwise, they have totally new (currently unknown) hidden unlocks.

Holly Angelfish


Rudolph Mimic Tang


Snowflake Cardinal


Rudolph Sea Pig


Snowman Boxfish


Socks Seahorse


Holly Seadragon 


Snowglobe Football Fish


Holly Marlin


Snowflake Narwhal


Rudolph Ray


Holly Shark


Snowflake Shark


Snowflake Whale


Snowflake Parrot Fish 


Snowflake Sunfish


Snowglobe Turtle

Snowmans Next level 50
Share Jolly Penguin christmas card of Holly Marlin 
Own 68 fish total

Toy Blobfish


Toy Shark 


Holly Oarfish


Bells Dumbo Octopus 


Rudolph Dolphin 


Snowflake Jellyfish


Christmas 2018 Event Fish

Cookie Angelfish

Tap 5 candy from snowflake angel
Don’t do anything for 1 hour

Fun and Engaging Gameplay

Concierge Seahorse

Level 4500 Happy House on the Hill
Share Christmas Plaza card of Sock Seahorse 

Rudolph Octopus

Tap candy from Octopus 100 times

For unlocks like this, anything with Octopus in the name inside the tank counts

Take 5 photos of Cookie Express while White Christmas is active

This is the cookie train behind the tree, it only spawns after the House on the Hill is upgraded to a certain point

Take 5 photos of Santa Express while Santa Express magic is active

This is the gift box train

Santa Squid

Share 1 Nutcracker Dreams christmas card with Rudolph Octopus
Take 5 photos of front left side house with White Christmas on
Take 1 photo of Train Platform with white christmas on

Pajamas Chick

Level 5500 Snowman’s Nest
Share Jolly Penguin card with Concierge Seahorse
Touch bubbles from any fish 1500 times

Pajamas Otter


Rudolph Dugong

Collect 200 candy from dolphins
Own 5 Rudolph Octopus
Own 5 Santa Squid

Cookie Ray

Level 1000 Snowglobe Tower
Take a photo of Rudolph Ray 5 times while using White Christmas magic
Share Christmas Plaza card with Cookie Angelfish

Santa Aligator (sic)


Riding Killer Whale


Cookie Whale

Snowglobe Tower level 5000
Acquire 5 Snowflake Whale
Tap a whale’s bubble 50

Christmas Town Turtle


Corgi Santa Clause (Sic)

Open presents 150 times

That’s 75 days or $100 worth of pearls!

Merry Christmas 

Corgi Familly (sic)


Santa Lobster

Open Christmas Gift 12 Times

Elf Frog

Open Christmas Gift 24 Times

Rudolph Sea Horse & Cookie

Open Christmas Gift 36 Times


Open Christmas Gift 50 Times

Christmas Event 2018 Premium Fish

As always, the premium fish for the Christmas Event are listed in the Shop > Gems tab, not the Event tab. They’re not required to unlock any other content, ever.

Corgi Familly

$10 IAP

Christmas 2018 Quests

These quests give rewards (including Candy, Vitality, and Gems) and unlock the next “coral” in the game. They’re required for fish unlocks and help you progress in the event, so keep an eye on them.
Requirements that must be completed after unlocking them will be marked specifically. “Own” means you can complete a requirement before unlocking, buy new means you must create more even if you already have fish.
After completing a quest, it will show you a little cutscene of a fish: you have not unlocked this fish it’s just a needlessly confusing cutscene.

Unique Christmas Tree

Unlocks Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring, and Abyssmass Christmas Card 

Buy 1 new Snowflake Angelfish
Take 1 photo of Holly Angelfish
Own 5 Fish

Counts fish created before unlocking this quest

Take 5 photos of Rudolph Mimic Tang with the White Christmas “magic” cast

This costs 100 pearls, though you can randomly get 30 seconds of it free from the Christmas Gift

Chocolate Fondue Hot Spring

Unlocks Happy House on the Hill, and Nutcracker Dreams Christmas Card

Own 5.000D  vitality
Buy 3 new snowflake parrotfish
Own 5.000F candy
Own 2100 building levels total

Ready to Party

Unlocks Snowman’s Nest. and Nutcracker Dreams christmas card

Collect candy 400 times
Buy 1 new Holly Seadragon
Own 17 kind of fish
Reach 500.000 K vitality

Best Friends

Unlocks Candle Lighthouse, and Snowed Coral Christmas Card

Reach 8,000 total building levels
Create 5 new Snowglobe turtles
Own 100 O vitality
Own 85 fish total

Christmas Tower

Unlocks Snow Globe Tower, and Christmas Plaza Christmas Card

Buy level 10 Miracle of Christmas 
Create 5 new Rudolph Dolphins after unlocking this
Reach 500 W Vitality
Own 27 kinds of event fish

Magnificent Christmas Fish

Unlocks Christmas Town Turtle and Silent Night Christmas Card

Own 3 Toy Sharks
Reach 41,000 total building levels (UGH)

Video Guide

Coming Soon. In the mean time, here’s a livestream:


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