Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Pole Spring Event All Hidden Fish Guide

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2020-03-27: Event is live! 
Spring Event Summary
Tap the Frosty Book icon in the bottom left of the screen to see the fish quests. There’s some new UI elements too, so be sure to poke around in those.
Unlike regular AbyssRium, this event simply uses Vitality nistead of it’s own event currency. Just complete the tasks and unlock the fish. There’s also 3 event customization items that cost a hefty 1500 pearls each—but they’re not required to unlock any fish!

Fan Art: Crystal, Fire, & Meteor TapTaps by Code Coral
Monday June 01, 2020

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New fish:

Wednesday May 13, 2020

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10 cost Vitality

Sunday June 28, 2020

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1 hidden

2 Paid IAP Fish (one seems to be permanent, one limited)

3 Event customization items

1500 pearls each

Currency: Regular vitality

Total cost: Depends on your present vitality

“Advanced Tutorial” added (permanent)

Unlock Brown Bunny
Pearl and Vitality rewards

Daily mission added (permanent)

Get a few minutes worth of skill casts as rewards

AbyssRium Pole Spring Event Hidden Creatures
Some info graciously borrowed from the Subreddit thread! Thanks Farmerlesbian as always (I’m not sure she sleeps). Thanks to SuperOrdinaryUser in our Discord for the Flower Hare unlock!


Kohaku Koi FishLevel 100 Lonely Iceberg

Higoi Koi FishOwn 5 Kohaku Koi

ChickTap 30 bubbles from Spring Event Ray-finned Fishes (the two koi fish species)
Take 10 photos of Spring Event Ray-finned Fishes
Own 10 Spring Event Creatures

Blue GrosbeakOwn 5 Chicks
Take a picture of Higoi Koi while Vigorous Plankton is active
Own 15 Spring Event Creatures

Northern CardinalOwn 5 Blue Grosbeaks
Take 10 photos of Spring Event Birds

Solid White ChickenShare a photo of Northern Cardinal while Blessing of Snow is active
Tap 50 bubbles from Spring Event Air Types
Own 25 Spring Event Creatures

Nuttails WoodpeckerOwn 10 Spring Event Land Types
Take 5 photos Spring Event Bird Types
Own 5 Solid White Chickens

HoopoeOwn 5 Nuttails Woodpeckers
Take 5 photos of Solid White Chicken while Blessing of Snow is active
Take a picture of Solid White Chicken with Chick (couple photo)

Domestic GooseOwn 20 Spring Event Air Types
Tap 30 bubbles from Spring Event Birds
Own 40 Spring Event Creatures

Flower Hare
(Hidden)Take 1 photo of Solid White Chicken with Domestic Goose
Own 9 species of 2020 Spring Event Creatures
Own 70 total 2020 Spring Event Creatures

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