Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Pole Tropical Theme Event Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Pole, with only the 2020 Tropical Theme Event information. It seems we’ve totally given up the “pole” aspect and this is just Abyssrium with ground.
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2020-07-01: Video Guide out
2020-06-28: App is out under a slow rollout. Started the guide. No hidden fish…
Tropical Theme Event Summary
Unlike regular AbyssRium, this event simply uses Vitality instead of it’s own event currency. Just complete the tasks and unlock the fish. There’s also 3 event customization items that cost a hefty 1500 pearls each—but they’re not required to unlock any fish! They do give gameplay benefits for the event however, as do the new “treasure” items. 
Thus far, events do not seem to expire, instead you select which event to play in the events menu (the book). Press the Back button after opening the menu to see other events.

Thursday May 21, 2020

A very challenging skill game in which you have to guide the marble ball through the series of narrow ramps …

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New fish:

Saturday June 20, 2020

The cats are on their way to the party… can you make it to the party, equipped with cats’ 9 …

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11 cost Vitality

Saturday May 30, 2020

An intriguing platform game in which you have to get to the green exit door on every level. This will …

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Fish list below

1 new pearl fish, but it’s NOT event-limited


1 Paid IAP Fish

Snobbish Poodle

9 new Treasure items to get
3 Event customization items

1500 pearls each
Not required to unlock fish


Emerald Sea & Sky Theme
Tropical Resort Iceberg Costume
Tropical Resort Dye

1 Treasure Discovery Penguin skin

Tropical Penguein (sic)

Play for 3 days to unlock

Currency: Regular vitality

Total cost: Depends on your present vitality

7500 pearls to get all the pearl-only items

Tropical Theme Event Hidden Creatures
There is NO hidden fish this event. Again. Unlocks are boring. Again. Everything I liked about this game gone, again.


Blue Clownfish
Level 400 Lonely Iceberg required
Tap 15 times

Snowflake Clownfish
Own 5 Blue Clownfishes
Open a Treasure Chest

Blue Tang
Own 5 Snowflake Clownfishes
Use Blessing of Snow for a total of 40 minutes
Recharge skills with an ad 5 times

(Manatee)Take a photo of Blue Tang while Bird Chorus is active
Own 20 Tropical Theme Event Sea Types
Use Whale’s Blessing 10 times

Scarlet Macaw
Own 5 Manatees
Watch 10 ads for free Vitality
Watch 2 ads for free Pearls
(Shop tab ads, not chests)

Hermit Crab
Take a photo of Scarlet Macaw while Vigorous Plankton is active
Own 40 Tropical Event creatures
Complete Daily Missions 3 times

Black Swan
Tap 30 bubbles from Tropical Theme Event creatures
Use Vigorous Plankton for a total of 100 minutes
Recharge skills with an ad 15 times

Manta Ray
Own both Scarlet Macaw and Black Swan
Get absent Vitality 5 times
Open 15 Treasure Chests

Galapagos Tortoise
Take a photo of Manta Ray while Moon’s Song is active
Own 15 Air Types
Use Whale’s Blessing 50 times

Whale Shark
Take a couple photo of Galapagos Tortoise with Hermit Crab
Use Blessing of Snow for a total of 150 minutes
Own 60 Tropical Theme Event Sea Types

Pinto Horse
Own 10 Tropical Theme Event species
Use Moon’s Song 50 times
Own 80 Tropical Theme Event creatures

Every event has gachapon “Treasures” with gameplay benefits. Tap the Treasure Penguin on the pier to see the menu, the treasures change with each event so make sure you’ve selected the event you want to get items from, then either watch an ad or spend pearls to get treasure pieces.
Treasure effects come into play once enough pieces are collected. Due to the large number of permanent Pearl bonuses like Pearl Creatures and Customization items, I recommend using ads for Treasures instead of pearls.
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