Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium Space Event All Hidden Fish Guide

This is a guide for Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium, with only the 2019 Space Event formation. See the main guide for a more comprehensive set of information and for links to other events. Fun Space Event fact: this event was ‘teased’ in a glitch in the game two years ago! 
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The Space Event is brand new! I’ll be streaming it live tonight at 6PM CST.

Wednesday May 13, 2020

A totally crazy basketball game, inspired by the classic ROOFTOP SNIPERS or GETAWAY SHOOTOUT games. Are you able to win …

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New Ownership
Not directly related to the update, but AbyssRium has come under new ownership. Flero Games purchased it from Cheetah Mobile. Don’t panic too much, because Cheetah Mobile already acquired the game from it’s original developer 2 years ago, so all of the usual bad “soulless corporate acquisition” stuff has already happened.
Flero games seems to at least care more than Cheetah Mobile ever did, adding a GDPR notice to the beginning of the game and they’re apparently actually answering Facebook support messages again, which Cheetah had been ignoring for the better part of a year.

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Space Event Stats

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Start Date: 2019-09-09 End Date: 2019-09-30? (estimated)

Space Event Gameplay
General Event Info

Events slowly rollout from the app stores (every time, yes it sucks), so don’t panic if you don’t get it. APKs have been disabled, but you can use the Tap App (not affiliated with me!) to download the update early on android. You can delete the Tap App afterwards. There’s no way to get it early on iOS.

See here for how to use Nox Player to automatically collect event currency on a PC/Mac so you don’t have to destroy your fingers.
The event is in the Abyss/Saltwater Tank like most events, and it will expire once the event time is over, but your event currency should roll over to the next event (unless it doesn’t, because the devs like to do that).
Hermit Crab Levels
The Hermit Crab is the key to completing events. Buy the Event Dye to unlock it, then upgrade it as soon as possible. The costs and earning rates of each level is listed below, but every upgrade pays for itself after a day or so, so don’t worry too much. 


1Buy event Dye0 Currency200 Currency/cast

25 Event Fish500 400

310 Fish900600

415 Fish1400800

520 Fish18001000

625 Fish23001200

730 Fish38001400

835 Fish68001600

940 Fish90001800

1050 Fish120002000

Space Event Event Hidden Fish
Here’s an image album of how all the fish look (thanks /u/Single-Leaf33)!


Moonlight Puffer200 Currency

Starlight Sea SlugHidden – Watch 5 Farm Materials ads (Shop Tab)500

Space BoxfishBuy 5 Moonlight Puffers500

Space StarfishHidden: Share photo of Star Flower (see Expand Quest)800

Starlight NautilusOpen 3 Mystery Chests800

Space OctopusHidden: Level 5 Hermit Crab2,000

Space DumboHidden – Take 5 pictures of the UFO that flies around the tank2,000

Space PenguinBuy 40 Event Fish5,000

Moonlight TurtleBuy 5 Space Penguins5,000

Space RayHidden: Use Song of the Moon 15 times with Moonlight Turtle in the tank?

Starlight OarfishTake 1 Photo of Rocket (Expand Item)?

Moonlight JellyfishHidden: Spend 500 urchin materials12,000

Starlight DolphinUse Delicious Food 30 Times with a Moonlight Jellyfish in the tank12,000

Moonlight WhaleHidden: Buy 1 of each the above fish, own 80 total event fish18,000

Star PrinceHidden: Complete “Miraculous Space Quest”100,000. 1 Max

Red FoxIAP Only – Pay $10. Not required for unlocksVitality

Space Event Quests
Miraculous Space Quest


1Equip Starlight Garden dye.

An information from Satellite Hermit CrabUse Hermit Crab Skill (charge up with candy or an ad watch) 30 times.

3Collect and spend 30,000 event currency.

4Own 4 kinds of fish with “Starlight” in the name and make 5 Starlight Dolphins.

5Tap 300 currency bubbles from Jellyfish and buy 5 new Moonlight Whales

Space Event Decorations

ItemUnlockExtras Cost

Star FlowerWatch 5 ads for Currency60 pearls

Spicy Moon SliceCast Song of the Moon 5 times, taking pictures of Space Moon once each time50 pearls

Space HouseShare picture of Star Prince100 pearls

RocketBuy 3 new Space Rays80 pearls

Moon MobileClaim pearls from the Daily Mission 3 times70 pearls

EarthBuy 3 new Moonlight Jellyfish90 pearls

Video Guide
None yet

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