Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium: Valentine’s Day 2019 Event Guide

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Valentine’s Day 2019 Event Stats
Start date: 2019-01-29
End Date: 2019-02-28 (estimated)
Costs: (data)
Total Cost: 625,500 roses!!!!
Fusion Materials: 3050 Seaweed, 640 clams, 275 Urchins
Time: over 30 days worth of max level crab casts or 626 ad watches, plus 82 hours of manual Urchin collection
Making this tie for one of the most expensive ever, and everyone starts from scratch
How It Works
Estimated Difficulty: Extremely high. Over 600,000 candy required.
Apparently we were told candy would carry over to the next event. I personally do not trust this at all given the multiple times they’ve gone back or attempted to go back on that.

Monday June 08, 2020

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Slow rollout starting 2019-01-29, slow rollouts mean it can take up to a week to get it
It’s a return to the old “crab” style events; it’s in the Saltwater tank, the Hermit Crab is back and can be cast 10 times per day for free

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Theme, Dye, and Costume for coralite will be included like old times!

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17 new fish + 1 IAP. 1 “Quest” fish unlocked by completing a vague quest, just like Egypt/Pirate/2nd Anniversary events. If you missed those you can check out those guides for how they worked.

2017 fish are back too.
2018 fish/coral are NOT back, except Pygmy Whales

New attendance mission with 5 new rewards for daily check ins up to 20 days

Valentine’s Day Event Roadmap
First, note all your candies are gone (Halloween stole them) so you’re starting from 0. You need 200 candies to buy the Banquet Hall Dye to unlock the crab, which should be your first step. Watching 2 ads is enough, though you should keep tapping candy for the 50 candy Quest.
With 200 roses collected, close the main menu and tap the painter’s palette, then the Dye tab to get the Banquet Hall Dye and Crab. Tap the Event tab again to get the crab, it’s free real estate.
With the Dye  and Crab purchased, you should be casting it as often as possible, up to 10 times per day (you can recharge it halfway for 100 pearls, a total rip-off so don’t).
The crab is the fastest and easiest way to get candy, especially without a macro (which requires Nox Player and a PC or Mac). Keep the dye equipped, because otherwise you can’t use the crab. Don’t bother tapping roses unless you’re charging the crab, it’s seriously a drop in the ocean compared to ads and the crab. Only if you’re using a macro should you try otherwise.
To make tapping candy easier, store all fish but 5 or more Jellyfish or Clownfish. They stay in a small area and are easy to tap.
Level up the crab the instant you can each time, it’s hard to overstate how critical it is to completing this style of event.
Complete each step of the Quest as soon as you can, as a couple steps require you to perform tasks after unlocking the step.
With the help of the ads you should be able to get the Hermit Crab to level 6-8 within the first 24 hours, after which you can focus more on collecting the fish. Just be sure to finish upgrading the crab once you have the 30 fish required for the final levels.
Valentine’s Day 2019 Hidden Fish
The event’s not released yet, so we don’t know the specifics yet. Here’s a list of the fish that I can see from the preview image, the names are made up.

Heart Tetra

200 Roses

Lace Spadefish

200 Roses

Candy Goldfish (Hidden)

Watch 15 Event ads for roses
500 Roses

Couple Kissing Gourami (Hidden)

Equip Banquet Hall Dye and use Volcanic Eruption skill 3 times
800 Roses

Bouquet Sea Slug

Own 5 Lace Spadefish
800 Roses

Candy Nautilus

Own 5 Candy Goldfish
800 Roses

Couple Lobster (Hidden)

Have a Candy Nautilus in your tank for 10 minutes

The game has to be open and on screen for these kinds of unlocks. You can still play the game though.

2,000 Roses

Macaron Crab

Own 5 Couple Lobster
2,000 Roses

Heart Arowana

Own 20 Valentine’s 2019 Fish
5,000 Roses

Parfait Puffer (Hidden)

Equip Banquet Hall Dye and use crab skill 25 times
5,000 Roses

Couple Seahorse (Hidden)

Equip Sweet Box costume and make one Parfait Puffer
7,500 Roses

Bouquet Jellyfish

Own 5 Parfait Puffer
12,000 Roses

Candy Turtle

Own 5 Couple Seahorse
18,000 Roses

Heart Oarfish (Hidden)

Equip Romantic Ocean Theme and take 1 picture of every Candy/Couple fish
30,000 Roses

Bouquet Shark

Own 60 Valentine’s 2019 event fish
50,000 Roses!

Baby Pink Whale

Valentine’s Gift, log in 10 days

One only

Wedding Town Whale

Own 15 kinds of Valentine’s 2019 Event fish

That’s everything above this fish on the list.

50,000 Roses!

Baby Heart Sunfish

Valentine’s Gift, log in 20 days

One only

Cupid (Girl)

Final quest reward, see Quest
100,000 Roses!!

Valentine’s 2018 Fish
None of the corals or fish are available, except the Pygmy Whales. They’re in the “returning fish” tab, the Orange Clownfish icon at the top of the Event menu. They are Fusion Fish making them extremely costly.

A Pair of Pygmy Right Whales

2 Wedding Town Whales

Valentine’s 2017 Fish
These are also in the “returning fish” tab, the Orange Clownfish icon at the top of the Event menu. They are Fusion Fish making them extremely costly. They all cost fusion materials (see the fusion guide) plus 2 2019 Valentine’s fish.

Heart Angel
Pink Juvenile Pinnate Spadefish
Pink Grouper
Giftbox Dumbo
Heart Seadragon
Pink Jellyfish
Pink Striped Marlin
Giftbox Turtle
Giftbox Dolphin
Heart Ray

Pink Whale Shark

Bouquet Shark

Heart Whale

Wedding Town Whale

Valentine’s Day 2019 IAP Fish

Cupid (Boy)

$10 IAP
Not required to unlock any other fish

Valentine’s Gift
This is another 20 day set of rewards just like the New Year’s Gift. Also like New Year’s Gift, you frustratingly only get a single one of each item and can do nothing to accelerate how fast you get anything beyond longing in once a day. Hopefully we have more than 20 days unlike the NYG at least.

Valentine’s Harp Coral

Expand Item
Log in 3 days

Gentleman Flamingo Coral

Expand Item
Log in 5 days

Baby Pink Whale

Log in 10 days

Lady Flamingo Coral

Expand Item
Log in 15 days

Baby Heart Sunfish

Log in 20 days

Valentine’s Parade Event Quest
Much simpler than the separate tank quests, the Valentine’s Day one is only a quest to unlock the Cupid Girl fish. Note you have to complete these in order.

Decorate the Party

Tap 50 roses

Get Candies

Own 1 of each Candy fish

Candy Nautilus
Candy Goldfish
Candy Turtle

Yes that is the requirement, there are no candies to get, I don’t know why people keep asking this. Just do what is said on the requirements in the guide and totally ignore the ingame UI text, it is terrible and misleading.

Who is the best couple

After this quest unlocks, make one of each “couple” fish

Couple Lobsters
Couple Seahorses
Couple Gourami

Thanks for the goddess of love

Collect 100 Clams

After this quest unlocks

Welcoming of whales for cupid

Get one of each Valentine’s whale:

Wedding Town Whale (2019)
Pair of Pygmy Right Whales (2018)
Heart Whale (2017)

Video Guide

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