Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium: Valentine’s Day Event 2019 Guide

The Valentine’s Day 2019 Event was announced early by AbyssRium’s Korean social media team. The post is (obviously) in Korean and the page is oddly resistant to Google Translate so here’s the broad strokes for now. This guide will be updated as more information comes in. Thanks to Farmer Lesbian on the reddit (and my Discord server) for the tip off and Google translations!

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How It Works
Note the event is unreleased and the information was obtained via Google Translate; the broad strokes should be pretty close to correct, but specific details may change or have been mistranslated.

Monday June 22, 2020

An intriguing game, featuring an undead guy, looking for the truth behind his resurrection. Explore the huge cemetary and its …

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We don’t know when it starts, but it’s probably within a week or so (Valentine’s 2018 started on feb 7th)

Saturday June 13, 2020

If you like word puzzles, like SCRABBLE, you’ll enjoy this game. Join the Loud House family and have fun while …

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It will almost certainly be a “slow rollout” like literally every single update AbyssRium does. Don’t panic if people get it and you don’t have it, it takes a week to fully roll out

Monday June 15, 2020

You’re a cute, little chicken who fell down the mole house and has to escape. Explore the place, use various …

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It’s a return to the old “crab” style events; it’s in the Saltwater tank, the Hermit Crab is back and can be cast 10 times per day for free

Theme, Dye, and Costume for coralite will be included like old times!
Hidden Fish will have hints. Given the quality of AbyssRium’s translations, coding, and support, I strongly recommend using a guide instead (why else are you here anyway?)

17 new fish + 2 IAP. 1 “Quest” fish unlocked by completing a vague quest, just like Egypt/Pirate/2nd Anniversary events. If you missed those you can check out those guides for how they worked.

2017 fish are back too.
2018 fish/coral are NOT back, except Pygmy Whales

Non-Valentine’s Day updates
There’s some minor additions that don’t appear to be related to the Valentine’s event that are coming along with it as well:

New attendance mission with 5 new rewards for daily check ins up to 20 days
In-game hints will be added to the Christmas and Halloween tanks’ hidden fish. They will probably suck a metric gallon of butt and I recommend using my guides instead (linked above).
There’s going to be a “bubble cup” IAP. No idea what that means yet.

Valentine’s Day 2019 Hidden Fish
The event’s not released yet, so we don’t know the specifics yet. Here’s a list of the fish that I can see from the preview image, the names are made up. 

Heart Arowana
Lovely Baby Sperm Whale
Kissing Fish
Seahorse Date
Lovely Flamingos
Rose Whale
Fondue Jellyfish
Macaron Crab
Bouquet Turtle
Love Lobsters
Chocolate Shark
Cupid (Girl)

Final quest reward

Valentine’s 2018 Fish
None of the corals or fish are available, except the Pygmy Whales. Note that they’re not in the Luck Shell either; the 2018 valentine’s fish are simply impossible to get now.

Pygmy Whales


Valentine’s 2017 Fish
These are coming back, but we don’t know exactly how other than they require multiples of 2019 fish.
Valentine’s Day 2019 IAP Fish

Cupid (Boy)

$10 IAP

“Bubble Cup”

No idea what this means

Video Guide
Once all fish are discovered I’ll have a video guide to show and tell how to get everything.

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