The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Guide

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince just launched, so here’s a spoiler-free walkthrough for achievements and 100% completion! I loved the game (impressions video here) so I figured I’d help others enjoy it as well!
Updates: The PS4 theme is free today
The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Game Info
Title: The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PS4
Language: English, Japanese
Release date: 2019-02-12 (English)
Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, localized by NIS America
Price: $40 at launch
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
General Tips/FAQ

First and foremost, this is not a “Guide Dang It” game! Don’t worry about missables (there are none) and you should be able to beat most of the game without a guide, so try your best and come back if you get stuck or need something specific
You don’t have to complete a level/survive to keep Collectibles. If you touch a Petal or give a Flower to the prince, it’s saved even if you leave the stage
Try clearing a path of enemies before taking the prince along when possible
For Pacifist challenges, jump over small enemies in the way and you’ll usually be able to avoid them. Sometimes you have to be patient to wait for opportune enemy placement.
For Speed challenges, making a clean run through a level without any KOs or major mistakes is usually enough. You’ll usually be good on these your second playthrough if you remember what to do.
Mushrooms cary your momentum from when you jump; press jump after moving in a direction to jump much farther in that direction. It’s much harder to change course mid-jump
Drop gingerly off ledges with mushrooms below; it’s pretty easy to take fall damage from some of the spots
In certain circumstances, you may need to select Retry from the menu to return to your last checkpoint if you’re permanently separated from the prince or otherwise mess up a puzzle. Don’t worry, it doesn’t restart the whole level, just the checkpoint
If you’re really, really stuck, you can skip stages after 10 minutes (but there’s a walkthrough below, so you shouldn’t get stuck that long…)

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Walkthrough (Spoiler Free)
Here you’ll find video walkthroughs of every level in the game with all story cutscenes removed, so no spoilers! Click the links to skip right to the relevant level or use the embed to see the whole chapter.
Each level has 5 Petals to collect and some have one Flower; see the Stage Select menu in the game to see which you’re missing from which stages. I recommend a full playthrough before going back to re-collect Petals, you can do it at any time so no rush, and it’s more fun if you try to figure out the puzzles at least once yourself.
 The Forest of No Entry
Chapter 1

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Radiant Floral Colony
Sleeping Turtle’s Nest
Hanging Moss Curtain

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Has Flower

Full walkthrough video:

The Mushroom Nursery
Chapter 2

Creamy Cotton Road
Ivory Thread Bridge

Has Flower

Moss Whale’s Carcass
Grave of Memories

Has flower

Full walkthrough video:

The Witch’s Garden
Chapter 3

Little Peering Game
Dire Dragon Caravan
Hollow Tree Hill
The Obsidian Swamp

Hallow Tree Hill puzzle

This puzzle is hard enough the game lets you skip it, so I thought I’d leave some hints if you’re stuck but want to get through with as little help as possible. In the video I simply show the correct solution immediately.
Hint the first: Gameplay SpoilersIt’s not a riddle. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the riddles. They’re not riddles, they’re much blunter than they appear.
Hint the second: Gameplay SpoilersEach of the phrases is suggesting the column and row of the number for it’s orb.
Hint the final: Gameplay Spoilers5915
Chapter 4
Walkthrough soon (tuesday night I hope)
Chapter 5
Walkthrough soon (tuesday night I hope)
100% Completion
Trophies (Achievements)
You’ll be glad to know no trophies in Liar Princess and the Blind Prince are missable, and most will be earned just by playing the game. Most of the rest are simple speed/pacifist runs through specific levels.
Achievements appear to be just the same on both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation versions.

My Truest Self

Get all other trophies

A Bouquet for You

Collect all Flowers

See the Walkthrough above for the specific flowers you’re missing.

Ace Hunter

Defeat 100 enemies

Should come naturally through a normal playthrough

A Way of Love

Clear level Tears of the Starry Sky without killing enemies

Light Chaser

Clear The Flowers Lament in less than 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

The Collector

Collect all Petals

View Stage Select to see which are missing, then use the above Walkthrough to get them

Routine Hunter

Defeat 50 enemies

Should easily come through normal play

The Peacemaker

Clear Creamy Cotton Road without killing enemies

Sound Chaser

Clear The Blue Ocean of Yore in less than 3 minutes

In Half Bloom

Collect 5 Flowers

See the Walkthrough above

I’m So Sorry!

Let the Prince die 30 times

Feels Batman

Never Let Go

Hold Hands with the prince 100 times

The Full Moon with You

Look at the moon with the prince

Fledgeling Hunter

Defeat 10 enemies

The Pacifist

Clear Dappled Sunlight Trail without killing enemies

Wind Chaser

Clear Hanging Moss Curtain in less than 2 minutes 30 seconds

Eat Up, Goats!

Give meat to the Goats

Story achievement

I’m Sorry

Let the prince die for the first time

Welcome to Feelings

Take my Hand

Hold hands with the prince for the first time

Is This… Me…?

Transform for the first time

First Encounter

Defeat an enemy for the first time

The album lets you re-watch any cutscene in Liar Princess and the Blind Prince at any time!
There is also a section for the flowers (see Walkthrough to see how to unlock those). You can see which flowers you’re missing in Stage Select. Don’t worry about missing any; you can go back to any stage later and get them.
Completing all the flowers unlocks an extra little story about the Witch in the forest; check the flowers in the menu to read it.
These are unlocked by collecting the gold Petals, 5 in every stage of Liar Princess and the Blind Prince. See the Stage Select menu to see which you’re missing after beating the game, then use the above Walkthrough section to find the specific leaves’ locations! Don’t worry about getting 100% your first time through, you can simply return at any time for the leaves.
If you liked the grimcute art style and storytelling of Liar Princess and the Blind Prince, you might like Yomawari Night Alone, another NIS game I made a guide for!
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