106 Fascinating Science Trivia Questions and Answers

We live in an amazing world. From the diverse kinds of flora and fauna, to the endless landscapes and undiscovered natural gems around us, there’s always something new to learn. Even experts agree that what we’ve explored and learned about the world so far doesn’t even comprise half of what there is to discover.

Needless to say, it can be a whole lot of fun to continue learning about the world and the science that explains it all. So if you were hoping to expand your knowledge and discover something new about the world around you, then these interesting science trivia questions and answers can stretch your horizons and give you something new to think about.
Easy Science Trivia

Tuesday November 05, 2019

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Quzzing a bunch of elementary school kids? Make sure you’re ready with questions they can answer. These easy science trivia questions and answers are perfect for testing what they know and expanding their knowledge so they get to appreciate more about the world around us.

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This essential gas is important so that we can breath. Show answerOxygen
What is the nearest planet to the sun? Show answerMercury
How many teeth does an adult human have? Show answer32
The earth has three layers of varying temperatures. What are its three layers? Show answerCrust, mantle, and core
What is the largest planet in the solar system? Show answerJupiter
What do bees collect and use to create honey? Show answerNectar
What is the hottest planet in the solar system? Show answerVenus
What is the rarest blood type? Show answerAB negative
On what part of your body would you find the pinna? Show answerEar
What part of the plant conducts photosyntehsis? Show answerLeaf
What’s the boiling point of water? Show answer100 degrees Celcius
What is the largest known land animal? Show answerElephant
What is the largest known animal? Show answerBlue whale
What tissues connect the muscles to the bones? Show answerTendons
Who was the scientist to propose the three laws of motion? Show answerIsaac Newton
The plant Earth is surrounded by different layers of gas, which when taken together, we call the…? Show answerAtmosphere
Animals that eat both plants and meat are called what? Show answerOmnivores
Which of Newton’s Laws state that ‘for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction?’ Show answerThe third law of motion
Diabetes develops as the result of a problem with which specific organ in the body? Show answerPancreas
True or false: sound travels faster in air than in water. Show answerFalse
How long does a human red blood cell survive? Show answer120 days
True or false – lightning is hotter than the sun. Show answerTrue
In what country can you find the Suez Canal? Show answerEgypt
This planet spins the fastest, completing one whole rotation in just 10 hours. Which planet is it? Show answerJupiter
How many elements are there in the periodic table? Show answer118
This planet has a collective 53 moons, making it the planet in our solar system with the most number of moons. Show answerSaturn
Where can you find the smallest bone in the human body? Show answerMiddle ear
Scientists believe that the continents of the earth were all one large landmass 280 million years ago. The moving of tectonic plates caused this mass to break off into different pieces, making up the continents as we know them today. What was this landmass called? Show answerPangea
This theory aims to explain how Pangea became separate continents, suggesting that the movement of tectonic plates caused the mass to break off and drift into different places. Show answerThe Continental Drift Theory
How many hearts does an octopus have? Show answer3
True or false: male seahorses give birth to their young, not the females. Show answerTrue
The oldest living tree is 4,843 years old and can be found where? Show answerCalifornia
Can you hear anything in outer space? Show answerNo, there is medium for sound to travel through
This man is responsible for reshaping the way early man believed the solar system worked. He proposed that the Earth was not the center of the universe, and that the sun was instead at the center of our solar system. Who was he? Show answerCopernicus
From what tree do acorns come from? Show answerOak trees
What is the tallest type of grass? Show answerBamboo
Dolly was the first ever living creature to be cloned. What type of animal was she? Show answerSheep
This animal was the first ever to be launched into space. She was strapped into the Soviet Sputnik 2 spacecraft which was sent out into outer space on November 3, 1957. What was her name? Show answerLaika
What type of animal was Laika? Show answerDog
An egg’s shell is what percentage of its total weight? Show answer12%
What is the smallest country in the world? Show answerVatican City
Who is regarded as the man who invented the telephone? Show answerAlexander Graham Bell
What is considered the highest mountain in Africa? Show answerMount Kilimanjaro
In what year was Alaska sold to the United States of America? Show answer1867
How many bones do sharks have in total? Show answerZero
Discovered by Alexander Fleming, this is now used to treat infections and is considered one of the most important discoveries in the field of medical science. What is it? Show answerPenicillin
This measurement – approximately six feet – is used to measure the depth of water. What is it? Show answerFathom
What is a geiger counter used to measure? Show answerRadiation
What is the hardest known natural material? Show answerDiamonds
True or false: your hair and your nails are made from the same material. Show answerTrue

Wednesday September 11, 2019

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Hard Science Trivia

Looking for something more difficult to challenge your knowledge and perhaps teach you a little something new? There’s a ton to learn about the world, and these hard science trivia questions might challenge what you know and shift the way you see certain aspects of the world around you.

This part of the brain deals with hearing and language. Show answerTemporal lobe
This is the phenomenon that explains why people will tend to refuse to offer help when there are other people present during an emergency. Show answerThe Bystander Effect
When you open a bottle of wine and leave it exposed to the air, the ethanol in it reacts with oxygen. This reaction forms what? Show answerEthanoic acid
What is it called when you make light change direction by passing it through a lens? Show answerRefraction
An unlit match has what form of energy? Show answerChemical energy
This type of bond involves the sharing of electron pairs between different atoms. What do you call this bond? Show answerCovalent
What is the scientific term for peeling skin? Show answerDesquamation
True or false: the Large Magellanic Cloud is farther from the Earth than Andromeda. Show answerFalse
This Saturn moon has a methane cycle, differentiating it from the other moons of the planet. What is its name? Show answerTitan
Animals that are active during dawn and dusk are called what type of animals? Show answerCrepuscular
What percentage of the total number of known animals are invertebrates? Show answer95%
True or false: chloroplasts can be found in animal cells. Show answerFalse
ATP is the molecular unit of energy that gives our body fuel on a cellular level. What does ATP stand for? Show answerAdenosine triphosphate
Where is the world’s most active volcano located? Show answerHawaii
True or false: rainforests are considered temperate climate regions. Show answerRainforest
This type of material does not allow electricity to flow through them easily, unlike conductors which are used for their ability to rapidly allow electricity to pass through. What is this material called? Show answerInsulators
Optics is the study of what? Show answerLight
True or false: the graduated cylinder is a tool that’s used to measure fluid volume. Show answerTrue
Using feet, how long does the human small intestine measure on average? Show answer17 feet
In 1953, the United States of America conducted its first and only nuclear artillery test. Where was the test held? Show answerNevada
Most of a penny is made from what type of metal? Show answerZinc
This jungle animal, when in groups, is referred to as an ambush. What kind of animal is this? Show answerTigers
Space travelers from the United States are called astronauts. From Russia, they’re called cosmonauts. Where are taikonauts from? Show answerChina
This lunar phase happens when less than a full moon but more than a half moon is illuminated. Show answerGibbous phase
Joseph Henry was given credit for this invention in 1831 which was said to revolutionize the way that people communicate during the time. What was his invention? Show answerThe telegraph
The name of this disease stems from the medieval term that means ‘bad air’. What disease is it? Show answerMalaria
This animal’s fingerprints closely resemble that of a human’s. So much so in fact, that inspecting its fingerprint side by side with a human print might make it impossible to differentiate. What animal is it? Show answerKoala
The Nobel Peace Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of science. The man behind the award – Alfred Nobel – invented what? Show answerDynamite
Leo Gertstenzang is typically credited for the invention of q-tips – one of the most important modern day necessities for personal care. What year did he invent them? Show answer1923
A spider monkey’s tail can carry its weight and hold on to branches. This type of tail – which can hold on to objects and support the weight of the animal to which it belongs – are called what type of tail? Show answerPrehensile tail
The joints of the body are designed so that they allow bones to interface and move. This specific type of joint however, is rigid and does not allow movement. What type of joint is this? Show answerSuture joints
Bright’s Disease affects what part of the body? Show answerKidney
Had pirates known about this vitamin, then they wouldn’t have suffered from scurvy. What vitamin is this Show answerVitamin C
This medical term is used to refer to items ‘based on experience’. Show answerEmpiric
This refers to the amount of blood cells in a certain amount of blood. Show answerHematocrit
This is the unit of measure used to quantify radioactive element activity. Show answerBecqueral
Why do bubbles pop shortly after their blown? Show answerDirt from the air
This is the only type of canine that can climb trees. What is it called? Show answerGray fox
Lagomorph, refers to what type of animal? Show answerRabbits
Which mountain peak extends the furthest from the center of the Earth? Show answerWhile many might say it’s Mount Everest, the answer is actually Chimborazo which sits on the equator.
Many of us believe that the average human has 5 senses, but that’s not actually true. What two other senses do we have that are often left unknown to most lay people? Show answerVestibular and proprioceptive senses
What does the vestibular sense do? Show answerInforms the brain of a person’s position in space
What does the proprioceptive sense do? Show answerInforms the brain of the relative position of certain body parts to others
What will two particles of opposing charges do – repel or attract? Show answerAttract
When a substance goes from one state of matter to another, what is that process called? Show answerA change of state
This type of cell division results two four daughter cells, each one with half the number of chromosomes in the parent cells. What is it called? Show answerMeiosis
This is the quality of an object that allows it to float on water. Show answerBuoyancy
What are the only two egg-laying mammals in existence in the world today? Show answerEchidna and Platypus
What is it called when a solid matter transitions to a gas immediately without having to pass through the liquid state? Show answerSublimation
This relationship between muscles means that one muscle assists the movement of another. Show answerSynergistic
This type of muscle relationship refers to two muscles that never move in the same direction. When one is flexed, the other will always be extended. Show answerAntagonistic
This ‘v’ word describes a fluid’s ability to resist flowing. What is it? Show answerViscosity
What is the bone diseases that literally translates to ‘porous bones’? Show answerOsteoporosis
This term is commonly used today to refer to errors with computer systems. It was first coined when a moth was trapped in an early model of the personal computer, causing it to crash. What is this word? Show answerBug
This Greek physician was the first to keep records of his patients’ histories. Show answerHippocrates
What two substances are the main components of bronze? Show answerCopper and tin

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