117 Best History Trivia Questions (World History / American / Art…)

History is the source of fascination for many people as one can see how events from so long ago have shaped and still affects the society that we live in today. In Historical accounts, we are presented with fun facts and amazing firsts. History also never forgets the extremes like the bests and worsts of human civilization. It is definitely a thing of beauty and worthy of study and appreciation.

This trivia is for history enthusiasts, self-declared history nerds, and even regular member of our society who have a penchant for things in the past.
In celebration of history’s importance, here is a history trivia for us to marvel in past glory:
American History

Friday September 13, 2019

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Just like its flag, American History is beaming with stars and proud moments. Among other things, interesting facts about US presidents are not in short supply.

Sunday October 27, 2019

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What sport’s hall of fame enshrined Abraham Lincoln for having a stellar record of just one loss? Show answerWrestling
How many stars does the American Flag have? Show answerfifty
How many Stripes does the United States of America’ flag have? Show answerthirteen stripes
What state was the last state to overturn laws against interracial marriage in the year 2000? Show answerAlabama
Which Founding Father had a house which was discovered to have had about one thousand two hundred bone pieces from about ten human skeletons? Show answerBenjamin Franklin
Which US president served the shortest term of about two months because of dying from simple colds?Show answerWilliam Henry Harrison
Who preceded Ronald Raegan’s presidency in the United States of America? Show answerJimmy Carter
Which United States of America Armed Force did John Fitzgerald Kennedy serve in? Show answerNavy
The first president of the United States of America is? Show answerGeorge Washington
On what date was the Declaration of Independence signed? Show answerJuly fourth seventeen seventy six

Friday September 27, 2019

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World History

Each country has a rich history worthy of our fascination. What is even more interesting is the intertwined histories of all these countries. Indeed, the world is a community and the decisions of the past shaped the world we have today. From fun facts and shocking events, world history is sure to entice your minds.

Ever since World War Two, what beverage’s equipment is furnished in British battle tanks? Show answerTea
When Pope Gregory IX rose to power, what domestic animal did he order to exterminate across Europe in the belief that they were used in devil’s worship and witch craft? Show answerCats
What health problem bothered Elvis Presley throughout his lifetime which eventually related to his death Show answerConstipation
What was the initial reported cause of death for Elvis Presley that spread in the media? Show answerHeart attack
The Shortest war in human civilization history was between England and Zanzibar. How many hours did it last? Show answerLess than an hour
Which Asian country had seven of the ten deadliest wars in human history some even deadlier than world war one? Show answerChina
What famous children’s party game that doesn’t involve balls was an Olympic event from 1900-1920 Show answerTug of War
Victorians said this word before having their picture taken instead of the word “cheese”. What fruit did they say? Show answerPrunes
What natural human bodily fluid did Romans use as mouth wash because of the presence of ammonia in it? Show answerUrine
What year was the defeat of the Americans in the Vietnamese City or commonly referred to as the fall of Saigon during the Vietnam War? Show answer1975
Which actor top-billed the 1960’s television series Batman? Show answerAdam West
Which Century did the French Revolution take place? Show answerEighteenth Century
On what year did the Ford Model T enter production? Show answer1908
What empire did the country Turkey belong to during the First World War? Show answerThe Ottoman Empire
In USSR, What does the letter “R” sand for? Show answerRepublics
This question is answerable by either True or False. The building Parthenon was built in honor of the Roman goddess of Wisdom, Athena. Show answerTrue
Who was the leader of the people who killed the First circumnavigator, Ferdinand Magellan, when they went to at Mactan Island Philippines? Show answerLapu-Lapu
James Cook led and commanded what ship when he discovered Australia? Show answerHMS Endeavor
In what year was Mahatma Ghandi killed? Show answernineteen Forty Eight
The catastrophic destruction of Pompei in 79 AD. was done by which active volcano? Show answerMount Vesuvius
The citadel Machu Picchu is located at which Latin American Country? Show answerPeru
Who is the Greek God of the Underworld? Show answerHades
The name of Beatle’s debut album is? Show answerPlease Please Me
In 1593, the thermometer was invented, which inventor is connected to its invention? Show answerGalileo
He Led USSR from 1917 to 1922? Show answerVladimir Lenin
“The Whitechapel Murderer” is the nickname given to which serial killer? Show answerJack the Ripper
The construction of the historical and divisive Berlin wall began on what year? Show answernineteen sixty one
This question can be answered by true of False. Demeter is the Greek goddess of the hunting. Show answerFalse. She is the Greek goddess of the Harvest.
The battle of Agincourt of 1415 between England and France belonged to what war? Show answerThe Hundred Years War
Who was the captain of the vessel Titanic at the time of its sinking? Show answerEdward Smith
The devastating Great fire of London happened on which year? Show answersixteen sixty six
The modern name for Van Diem’s land which is now an island part of the territory of Australia is? Show answerTasmania
In Greek Mythology, who was responsible for the abduction of Persephone which led to the four seasons of the Earth? Show answerHades
Who is the first man to do a spacewalk that lasted twelve minutes? Show answerAlexey Leonov
What is the nationality of Alexey Leonov, the first man to spacewalk? Show answerRussian
How many people have already walked on the moon? Show answertwelve people
The attack on Pearl Harbor fell on what month? Show answerDecember
Athena is the Greek goddess of? Show answerWisdom and War
Which World War does the attack on Pearl Harbor a part of? Show answerWorld War Two
How many years ago was the Stonehenge built? Show answerfive thousand years ago
What was the name of the Greek Goddess of Love? Show answerAphrodite
Rubber was discovered by? Show answerCharles Mackintosh
Who was the leader of the Vikings when they founded the settlement in Greenland? Show answerEric the Red
Who was the first man on the moon? Show answerNeil Armstrong and Buz Aldrin
What is Neil Armstrong’s Nationality? Show answerAmerican
What is the name of the Roman God of fire and blacksmiths? Show answerVulcan
During World War two, Winston Churchill held an important government post. What was his title or job? Show answerBritish Prime Minister
The Nobel Peace Prize was first organized and started by? Show answerAlfred Nobel
The Plays Macbeth, Hamlet, and A midsummer Night’s Dream were all written by which author? Show answerWilliam Shakespeare
Who was the Emperor of the Huns during four hundred AD? Show answerAtilla the Hun
Henry the Sixth had how many wives? Show answersix
The invention of the telephone is credited to which inventor? Show answerAlexander Graham Bell
The Olympic Games originated from which country? Show answerGreece
According to a Greek myth, what did Prometheus steal to give to humans? Show answerFire
What is Thomas Edison’s most famous invention? Show answerThe lightbulb
The Iconic and Historical Speech, “I Have a Dream” was delivered by? Show answerMartin Luther King
Dr. Livingstone explored what continent? Show answerThe African Continent
Which Japanese City was the first place to be attacked by an Atomic Bomb? Show answerHiroshima
Aside From Hiroshima, which city was also destroyed by an atomic bomb? Show answerNagasaki
What was the name of the leader of the Nazi Party? Show answerAdolf Hitler
Which Asian country is the first in the world to used paper money or paper bills? Show answerChina
The United State of America’s Statue of Liberty was a gift from which European Country? Show answerFrance
This ancient king had a round table. Show answerKing Arthur
This question can be answered by true of False. The Titanic sunk because of engine failure. Show answerFalse. The Titanic hit an iceberg.
This question can be answered by true of False. Hera is the Greek goddess of the hearth and the home. Show answerTrue

Women’s History

The freedom and rights women are enjoying today are achieved by these brave and trailblazing women. Little girls and women alike are sure to be inspired by these amazing women of the past.

In 1916, who was the first female to be elected to the US Congress? Show answerJeanette Rankin
Who was the first black senator in the United States of America? Show answerCarol Moseley Brown
Who is the founder of the First Nations Development Institute? Show answerRebecca Adamson
What age was Phyllis Wheatley when she became the first African American woman to publish a book? Show answertwelve years old
Who holds the record for the fastest woman on water skis? Show answerKitty O’Neal
One of Show business most iconic entertainers, Josephine Baker, served what post for the Allied Forces? Show answerSpy
This woman’s refusal to give up her bus seat on the way home sparked national civil rights protests against segregation policies. What is the name of this brave woman? Show answerRosa Parks
What is the name of the first female Hispanic astronaut? Show answerEllen Ochoa
In what industry did the first African American woman millionaire venture in? Show answerBeauty/ cosmetics/ Haircare
Elizabeth the Second was crowned as the queen during what year? Show answer1952
Whom did Cleopatra marry after the end of her relationship with Julius Caesar? Show answerMark Anthony
Who was the founder of the Red Cross? Show answerClara Barton
Henry the Eighth had multiple wives. Which gave birth to Elizabeth the First? Show answerAnne Boleyn
What is the name of the first woman to practice at the Supreme Court? Show answerBelva Lockwood
What is the name of the first woman to receive a PHD at MIT? Show answerShirley Jackson
How did Joan of Arc die? Show answerburned at the stake
What is the name of the first female to break the sound barrier? Show answerJacquelyn Cochran
What is the name of the founder of the Association for the Advancement of Women? Show answerMaria Mitchell
What is the name of the founder of the Girl Scouts of America? Show answerJuliette low
Who is the first Asian woman to win a Tony award? Show answerLea Salonga
What musical did Lea Salonga Star in when she won the prestigious musical theater award? Show answerMiss Saigon

Art History

They say that art is imitation of life itself. This is why if we truly want to have a deeper understanding of history and the way of life back then, we have to study art history. This collection of questions is a treat in itself. This is truly a creative way to glance at the past.

How many words does Pablo Picasso’s real name have? Show answerTwenty three
A portrait of Queen Elizabeth the Second made by Andy Brown was made from what material? Show answerUsed tea bags
This Question can be answered by true of false; Water Color does not use the color white. Show answerTrue
Van Gogh sold how many paintings during his lifetime? Show answerone
The Glass Pyramid at Lourve was made by which architect? Show answerLeoh M Pei
Which city is credited as the origin or birth place of pop art? Show answerLondon
The Mona Lisa has been stolen how many times? Show answerone
Surrealism originated from which artist’s painting style? Show answerSalvador Dali
This Question can be answered by true of false; Edward Allington created the concrete cast of the interior of an entire Victorian house. Show answerFalse. Rachel Whiteread did.
The Behaus School of Design closed in what year? Show answerNineteen thirty three
What was Michael Angelo’s favorite rock as the medium for his sculptures? Show answermarble
What is the famous nickname of Marvel Comics artist Jack Kirby? Show answerThe King
What is the length of the original shark used in Damian Heart’s work, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone living”? Show answerfourteen Feet
The statement, “Art is anything you can get away with is a line said by? Show answerAndy Warhol
This Question can be answered by true of false, Dada is considered to be anti-art. Show answerTrue
“The Conversion of Saint Paul”, was painted by which artist? Show answerCaravagio
What do you call the drawing technique of putting lines close to each other? Show answerhatching
The “Repast of the Lion”, is considered to be what art style? Show answerNaïve Art
In Charles Schulz’s famous peanuts strip, what is the name of Charlie Brown’s dog? Show answerSnoopy
What is the breed of Snoopy in the highly successful comic strip? Show answerBeagle
This Question can be answered by true of false; Durer Painted, “The Fall of Man”. Show answerTrue

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