50+ Party Favor Ideas for Any Occasion

Party favors are designed for guests to take home from a party. Most parties have a theme, such as a birthday celebration for a boy or a girl, a baby shower or wedding reception, or a holiday party. Party favors do not have to be expensive. They can be edible, functional, or simple something attractive to look at. The purpose is to provide your guests with a token to remind them of your party and express your appreciation for their attendance. Although many party favors are available in party supply stores and online, making your own allows personalization and makes your favors more memorable. Our party favor ideas are not difficult, nor will they break your budget.

Some Simple Guidelines for Party Favors
The easiest way to create a party favor is to take any kind of container, put something in it, and make it look fancy. Containers with lids are easier to work with, but any container can be wrapped in tissue paper or cellophane and tied shut so the contents will not spill. Here are some suggestions for party favor containers:

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small galvanized buckets
small terra cotta flower pots
fabric or felt bags with or without a drawstring
metal food cans (make sure the edges are not sharp)
small baskets
plain paper sacks

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Many inexpensive containers are available at thrift stores. Additionally, you can create your own containers. Consider the following:

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Use a plain paper sack with a drawing or stickers on the front. Fold the top down and secure with a large sticker or colorful tape.
Use mini canvas totes – either bought or homemade.
Use cardboard boxes such as a cereal boxes. Cut them down and either cover with paper or paint and then add a ribbon, string, or wire handle.

Grouping several items in a bag makes for a generous appearing party favor. Tie your bags together with curling ribbon, raffia, or twist ties. Use the computer to create a special message that can be stuck to the outside or tucked inside. Alternatively, use plain paper folded in half with a hole punched in the corner for a tie. Use tulle, curling gift ribbon, shredded tinsel, or labels to add decoration.
Party Favor Ideas for Adults

If you are looking for a way to make certain your guests remember your party, provide them with a special remembrance. Every time they look at the favor or use it, they will think of your wonderful party. The number of party favor possibilities is only limited by your imagination. We help you get started by providing the following ideas:
Personalized Coupons
Create some personalized coupons for your guests to coincide with what they need most in their life. For example, if they have children, offer free babysitting. If they work long hours, offer a free cooked meal.
For Book Lovers
For your book-loving guests, create a special bookmark. Use heavy duty colored construction paper, write their name with permanent marker, and glue on a ribbon
For Tea Lovers
Purchase inexpensive mugs and fill with a variety of individually wrapped, specialty tea bags. Wrap in cellophane and tie the top with a bow.
For Chocolate Lovers
Purchase high-quality chocolate bars and create your own labels on your computer. Use a saying, Bible verse, or your guests’ names on each.
Food Lovers
Check out the gourmet food area of your local grocers and fine a specialty gourmet food, such as coffee, nuts, pasta, meat rubs, and spices. Create labels with each guest’s name by hand or on your printer.
For Music Lovers
Use cellophane CD envelopes for your guests’ favorite cookies. Add a bow to match your party’s theme, a personal note, and seal with a colorful sticker.
If you are concerned your party guests may forget their favors, place them on a table near the door, and remind guests to pick them up on their way out.
Holiday Party Favor Ideas


Line your party favor containers with tinsel. Decorate bags with ribbon and a small ornament. Fill with colorful Christmas candies, candy canes, or miniature homemade cookies.
Use individual Christmas ornaments as napkin holders. Simply add a metallic ring to the hanger and stick a paper or cloth napkin through the ring. It is best not to use glass ornaments, just in case.
Purchase boxes of unique, expensive looking ornaments. Put each in a box with gold tissue paper for rich looking Christmas party favor.

New Year’s Eve

Fill champagne glasses with black and white jellybeans. Cover in tulle and tie with silver, black, and white curling ribbon.

Patrick’s Day

Print an Irish blessing and affix to green construction paper. Fringe the edges of the paper or use craft scissors for cutting a decorative edge. Glue a magnet to the back for a fun party favor.


Fill miniature Easter baskets with green shredded paper and fill with small candies.
Purchase small stuffed bunnies at a discount store and tie on a large candy bar with colorful ribbon.


Fill black construction paper cones with candy corn, or make orange cones to hold orange and black gumdrops.
Paint inverted wine glasses like pumpkins – with the stem of the glass green – and place a votive candle on top. Use as a centerpiece and let guests take one home.

Super Bowl Party

Fill clear plastic cups with candies in team colors and tie with matching or contrasting ribbon. Label each cup with your guests’ names. After they eat the candy, they can use the cup during the party.

Party Favor Ideas for Teen Birthday Parties

Deciding on teen party favor ideas can be challenging. What they love today, they may hate tomorrow. Generally, anything dealing with make-up and looking “in style” works well for girls and boys love food. Try one of the following:

Check the discount CD bin at your local thrift store for classic rock CDs – sure to appeal to any teen.
Find some clever key rings at the discount store for a sixteen-year-old’s birthday party or create custom keychains with rings, ribbons, and beads.
Most teens love Starbucks so give each guest a gift certificate for their favorite Starbucks treat.
Purchase plain t-shirts and decorate them with a design to match your party’s theme. You can either create them yourself or have them done professionally.
Give each teen a gift certificate to the local theatre.

For Teenage Girls

Check the dollar store for small, purse sized manicure sets. Decorate the exterior by using craft or glitter paint.
Pocket-sized mirrors for purses are always a good choice for teen girls.
Give each guest one or more lip balms or other small cosmetics. Check the sample bins in your local discount store.
Hair ribbons or other hair accessories work well. Just make sure your choice is appropriate for each girl’s hair length
Cosmetic bags are always useful. Personalize them with names or initials embroidered on or you can use permanent marker. Fill with candy.

For Teenage Boys

Use boy or theme colored envelopes and insert gift certificates to a local video rental store, mini golf course, bowling alley, or movie theatre depending upon their age and interests. Seal the envelope with a sticker that matches the party’s theme or colors.
Attach a high-end key chain to a treat bag and fill bag with candy.
Fill plastic sports bottles with candy.

Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

Baby showers celebrate the mother and coming of the baby. Our ideas are adaptable to both boys and girls, and even work if the sex of the child is unknown.

Purchase small picture frames. Print out a meaningful statement, or a Bible verse and fill frame. For an extra touch, put glitter on frames.
If you know the baby is a girl, give each guest a nail polish bottle with pink polish and a pretty ribbon attached.
Decorate a votive candle with a ribbon wrap and one large artificial flower in pink, blue, or a neutral color.
Purchase small vases – usually less than a dollar – and give everyone a cut flower. You can buy them in bunches at the local grocer. Attach a packet of seeds to the vase with a pink or blue bow (if you know the sex of the baby), or with a rainbow ribbon. Ask guests to plant them in honor of the new baby.
Buy some inexpensive baby socks, fill them with candies, and tie them in pairs with a blue, pink, or yellow ribbon dependent upon whether or not you know the sex of the baby.
Make “baby” sugar cookies using ginger bread men cookie cutters. Decorate with icing and put in either pink, blue, or yellow small gift bag with your favorite cookie recipe.
Give each guest a mini houseplant with a tag directing your guests to take care of it in honor of the coming baby.
Make magnets with the name of the mother-to-be and the date of the shower. Print the information with your computer and adhere a magnet to the back.
Fill baby food jars with candy. Cut circles of cloth to cover the top and tie thin ribbon in your choice of color around the top.

Party Favor Ideas for Little Girls
Little girls love to dress up. Provide ribbons and beads for partygoers to make their own favors, either a necklace or a bracelet. Choose colorful and unique hair clips and put two or three in a snack-sized plastic bag. Use permanent markers for names and decorate with a bow or one artificial flower. Some other simple ideas are:

Body glitter
Colorful emery boards
Mini soaps
Mini spiral notebooks
Novelty pens and pencils
Paper folding fans
Slap bracelets
Small craft project, for example, a make-your-own bracelet project
Small stuffed animals like Webkinz or Beanie Babies
Stampers and ink pads

Party Favor Ideas for Little Boys
Boys are a bit more difficult to please when it comes to party favors. However, check your local discount store for the following:

Mini vinyl footballs
Small rubber balls
Water pistols

More Party Favor Ideas for Kids

The following list includes favors that work well for both boys and girls.

Put primary crayon colors in individual plastic mini bags and decorate bags with party themed stickers. Tie or tape to a coloring book.
Make beetles for boys and butterflies for girls by putting treats in snack-size food storage bags. Secure with clothespins and add pipe cleaner feelers. Paint or decorate the back of the clothespins.
Have a basket of small stuffed animals with numbers on each. Have guests draw numbers and retrieve the corresponding stuffed animal.

Kids’ Party Favor Tips

Use your common sense when deciding on party favors for different ages. Be aware that small objects can present a choking hazard for kids.
Write each child’s name or initials on every item in a treat bag or basket with a permanent marker to prevent any confusion if items get misplaced.
Consider having some extra treats available in case some items become lost.
Take allergies into consideration in food and candy treat bags.
Give out kids’ treat bags just before the guests leave. Have your child give them out saying, “Thank you for coming.” to each guest.

Wedding Reception and Shower Favor Ideas

Create table centerpieces by grouping small pots of succulents or houseplants. Encourage guest to take them home.
Use a large paper cone or florist foam cone. Stick in colorful lollipops and place on tables. After the party, let guests choose a treat.
For a destination wedding, purchase fancy luggage tags and personalize with guest names.
Place shot glasses with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding on a small table near the reception’s bar. If you have a steady hand, do them yourself with permanent marker. If not, purchase them online.
Fill coffee mugs with a bag of specialty coffee, packets or hot chocolate, or tea bags. Tie a pretty bow on the handle.
Buy gourmet jams, spreads, or teas and personalize them with a tag, ribbon, and bow.

More Party Favor Ideas

Summer Pool Party Favor Ideas

Provide each guest a pair of sunglasses with first names or initials in colorful permanent markers
Write your guests’ names on acrylic tumblers or sports bottles.

Office Party Favor Ideas

Create paperweights by simply filling small, attractive containers with sand and glue shut. Decorate the exterior with your party theme.
Provide each associate a very good pen decorated with a ribbons and bow.

Woman Party Favor Ideas

Purchase guest soaps and wrap with colorful paper reflecting your party theme. Tie with a ribbon.
Purchase scented candles and nestle them in small baskets filled with colored tissue or fake paper grass.

Sportsmen Party Favor Ideas

Hooks, flies, and small tackle box tools are perfect for those who love fishing.
Search online for key chains or other trinkets featuring favorite team logos.

Going Away Party Favor Ideas

Personalize luggage tags with names and initials.
Provide each guest with a framed photo of the person about to depart.

Wine Tasting Party Favor Ideas

If you are artistic, take time to create personalized hand-painted wine glasses for each guest. Alternatively, write each guest’s name in cursive with a permanent marker.
Put glitter on the back of a bottle or can opener or give each guest a bow-bedecked corkscrew.

Parties are always fun. Remember that any favor with a name printed on or inscribed can also be used as a place marker. You might want to read through all of our party favor ideas as some have multiple uses for many different party situations. Whichever party favor you choose, you party will be more memorable with unique and personalized tokens from our comprehensive list of party favor ideas.
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